Philip Agyei Asare

I was in Accra a few days ago. Too bad I can't make it for this one. Maybe my team will.
Africa Game Developers Meetup is tomorrow at Nairobi Garage, Pinetree Plaza,Room 9B, Kicks off at 10am.We look forward to seeing you all! Don't forget to carry your ID!RSVP here: or here: will also have a Guest, Ian has an impressive experience:
Afrobytes in Nairobi, Feb 3rd, will host a session dedicated to Africa’s mobile entertainment boom.#LudiqueWorks is happy to offer you 20% off all passes. Join us to explore the trends and the future of Tech in Africa.Use code LUDIQUE – when you register here to get the discounted rate: look forward to meeting you on Feb 3rd in Nairobi!More info on