@scoetzee how is it going with the exchange ? and any sale via Nem at the bar ?

Rest of Africa ? What you up tooo!

Joy Onyinye
Hello house

Hi Joy, seem like rest of Africa on holiday or working really hard... :-)

I know this is not NEM but still good news for crypto. Ex CEO of one of our four big banks, tech savy and innovative pioneer Michael Jordaan suggest to buy some bit coin.https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cryptocurrency/310299-it-would-be-wise-to-buy-some-bitcoin-michael-jordaan.html

Nice. Sure u can post stuff about crypto in this group, just no shilling other coins. 😁

Yea, we are trying our best

​$XEM is listed on BTCNext Exchange🚀Article: Report from Platinum Q DAO Engineering: XEM coin is listed on BTCNEXT
​ICYMI: NEM Core Developers recently released the latest Catapult Update code named Dragon. Check it out 🚀👉 Catapult Series | Dragon Update
Josia Engelbrecht
@scoetzee how is it going with the exchange ? and any sale via Nem at the bar ?

Hi Josia, NEM SA 'being in limbo' ... lets wait and see I guess... NEM has an awesome tech... i hope they start moving again and be out there...

Last June 13-14, the NEM Foundation Team conducted a NEM Blockchain workshop at the National University Manila. Attendees were IT, engineering, and accounting professors and students.Blockchain Elective Course will be soon implemented by the university on their curriculum 🚀
​NEM Blockchain is now part of the display at the Central Bank of Malaysia’s (Bank Negara) museum! 🙌

Enjoy it all by yourself

NEM is okay for us...

Lol when crypto is in bull market, u will find such spam all over

Top-5 Crypto Tokens Pronounced 'Dead' — NEM and BCC Head the Listhttps://cointelegraph.com/news/top-5-crypto-tokens-pronounced-dead-nem-and-bcc-head-the-list

What happened??

It’s an incredibly inaccurate article

The fact that they clumped NEM together with BCC and Bitcoin diamond is ridiculous!

Laura Takenaka |NEM.io Foundation
It’s an incredibly inaccurate article

👍 very bad journalism, cant even call it that. It is an opinion piece of a snail that lives in the sea and knows nothing related to blockchain. The Bitconnect was correct, but anyone could get that one right.

I had a quick catch up with @DyNEMite in Kuala Lumpur earlier today. We are part of the original 1st batch of Nem.io

@jleony is one of the co-founders of NEM Foundation, here with Alex and I

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Hey guys, am Jazz from Uganda, kindly inquiring from you how we can participate in NEM meetups here in UG

so far there are no planned NEM meetups in Ug.

Who is going to Crypto Fest in Cape Town on 7th of September

We will show our tokenized crypto fund. And the token is created on top of NEM blockchain

guys please be informed that there is an impersonator using my details on Telegram.

my telegram ID is @stevrao

Hi 👋 Add my facebook too https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https://callme.llc/m4i56wcu 💜

​​​​Hi community! With the impeding launch of #Catapult, here’s an update from the Migration Committee. We encourage everyone to review, reflect, and share your thoughts on the important Migration process! 🚀Click 👉 here for full details!
​​NEM.io Foundation CFO Lei Dong, presented at the Digital CFO Conference together with Jason Lee, Vice President. The conference was represented by over 50 Chief Financial Officers and financial professionals across Australia from key industry sectors of the economy. Both of them were the only presenters representing the blockchain industry with other featured speakers in data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and more.

Hello Guys, there would be a Nem meetup in Ghana on the 18th of January 2020, at the Blockchain Foundation Africa Hub

Thank you for the heads up Philip!! 😋👍