On May 9th @kvandereck will speak at ICTSpring about protecting privacy data with NEM blockchain technology. #NEM

Weet jij of die data nou in CoinMarketCap opgenomen wordt? Ik meen dat gelezen te hebben over Aziatische exchanges

Using NEM blockchain technology, LocationCore will democratize location data by compensating users both transparently and securely for sharing their data. 🤖Data is the New Oil👣 It is unfair that companies will continue to monetize user data without recompense to the customer, the only recourse for the user to prevent this is to stop using the app. Our proposal for the NEM community fund will help us build Apps, SDK's and an API to allow all of us gain worth from our location data. Please join our Telegram Channel: | @locationcore Read our Proposal (English): Lee nuestra Propuesta (Espanol): 私たちの提案を読んで (Japanese): 閱讀我們的建議 (Chinese): Voting opens in 4 hours, thank you for your support!
To all community members: There are several important and promising community funding votes going on you should take a look at and participate in! We have 3 votes that are running RIGHT NOW so please take a few minutes to study them and vote: 1. (ENDING JANUARY 20TH) Ethyl - The Future of the Internet of Things 2. (ENDING JANUARY 22ND) BlockGrain - Automating the grain supply chain with NEM 3. (ENDING JANUARY 26TH) LocationCore: Democratising personal user location data through the NEM blockchain PLEASE BE ADVISED: The voting center is broken in pretty much all Nano wallet versions except 1.4.13. So if you want to vote either use that specific nano version or vote by sending a 0xem transaction to their yes or no addresses. You should be able to find them in their forum threads. Also do NOT vote from an exchange. Those votes will not be counted!
✅✅ The final week for voting for the LocationCore project is starting now! We are currently at 2.2% POI and need to reach 3% in order to make this project a success! Please vote by sending a 0 XEM transaction directly to one of the addresses below: YES - (I support): NAU3UWQ4PEHDPDSKRLIVSOFOICRTGEA5UWYAXFWV NO - (I do not support): NBZZWAVLPOPRPMJCLF4TEBVKD7JSDAIHB2TGEEC6 Thank you for the votes already received but keep on pushing - we have already had 2 great projects pass the community vote, lets make this all 3 and ensure that there are awesome projects built on NEM! Please join us in @locationcore to discuss the project in more detail. You can view all of our proposals here: English (On Forum): DIGITAL2GO のNEMブロックチェーンへの提案: DIGITAL2GO NEM 區塊鏈提案: PROPUESTA DIGITAL2GO NEM BLOCKCHAIN: Thanks NEMbers!

hebben jullie nog B en $ data in jullie NEM wallet?

ja, mn XEM heb ik wel, alleen de market data van BTC en $ is er niet meer

The Bankorus protocol is an open-source API built on the NEM blockchain, so it's highly efficient and protected by the latest cryptography. Powered by AI, Bankorus's engines continuously deliver data-driven insights so HNWIs get the most out of their crypto-investments.

Hey NEM Community: VOTING IS LIVE! Here are 7 things I think will benefit NEM Community why you should vote YES! (SAY YES by sending '0' XEM to: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX) 1. Exposure of NEM protocol in AgriTech and Indoor Farming Space – The combination of these three technologies will profoundly disrupt the agriculture and supply chain industries. GreeOx will increase exposure for NEM blockchain tremendously through an already established indoor farming space. GreeOx will upload its source code onto a public git repository to allow for review as an open source platform so others may implement on top of it as an open-network ecosystem. 2. Fractional Farm Ownership – GreeOx tokens will represent fractional ownership of GroBinn indoor farms located around the globe – in any climate conditions. It is no small feat to own a cutting-edge automated farm to provide real food to the world, so this is an opportunity for NEM members to be the first to own distributed and decentralized farms. This would be accomplished through NEM's algorithm, Proof of Importance (POI) where it provides higher priority to users and facilitates in the reputation of the users. 3. On-boarding Institutional and Corporate Users – Grobinn will be placed amongst resorts and corporate users, to enhance the usage of Greeox Tokens on a large scale as these users fulfill their day-to-day food requirements. As an API based platform, compatibility is key to integrating with others, allowing for GreeOx to build further on NEM's parent chain. 4. Unlock strategic partnership – The biggest advantage for this project is to unite and encourage its network of business partners to collaborate on the NEM platform and its community. Our community members, partners, and distributed farms will always include NEM as our operating platform. The principle core of GreeOx's platform derives from forming partnerships with various organization, which is an intrinsic value different from other blockchain related initiatives. 5. Increased visibility of the NEM blockchain – All GreeOx container farms will display “Powered by NEM”. Every farm location will enable NEM to be displayed on all of its signage and marketing materials. As a “green” company, modeling after the same mission, GreeOx will employ Ny and rewards participation within the community in mind. The message will address security with NEM’s eco-friendly consensus algorithm, Proof of Importance that was developed with usage of low energEM's Mijin v.2 as the most secured smart contract framework available on the blockchain. 6. Increased transaction of GROX – As a permissioned blockchain network, the requirement with efficient processing in the high numbers of transactions, individuals and corporate token holders are able to gain revenue/profits in terms of token deposits. The usefulness is relay within the storage of data within GreeOx and partner companies on the farming chain. Fiat currencies are accepted and transactions will utilize GROX . The increase in transaction in growth cycle and user interaction will contribute value back to the NEM community and blockchain. 7. Indoor farming case study for NEM integration – The partnership and integration with GreeOx will unlock other opportunities for NEM. By employing NEM's technology ProximaX that allows for GreeOx to quickly deploy the use of decentralized app, the integration can quickly and objectively be measured. (VOTE NOW by sending '0' XEM to: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX) Full details, please visit:
Watch why the Blockchain secures data like no other database from Jeff & Rene!

Aangezien bigdata en data mining steeds populairder wordt

Emre Tekne
Hhmm.. nee ik heb wel zo’n gevoel dat dapps erg belangrijk gaat worden

Vastleggen van data op een netwerk wat altijd beschikbaar is, is ook wel een mooie feature 😊

Nou ik zie data opslag (encryptie) voor persoonlijk gebruik als een oorlog die je niet kan winnen

Hoi NEM’rs, Ik ben ambassadeur van Daneel (DAN) en ik wil graag het artikel/ de aankondiging van de partnership tussen Daneel en NEM hier posten😊💪