Shift: Decentralized Web(like maid safe), +  decentralized storage (like siacoin), + decentralized smarts contracts (like ethereum and lisk), all in one, but the first to implement IPFS in a really successful way, there are many other features,

mexxer: If you want NEM to be listed on its first Chinese exchange please help us win this vote All you need to do is register at binance, and tell us your BNB deposit address. We will then send you 0.1 BNB to your account which you can then have to use to cast a vote. Please fill out this form so we can keep it managable:
To the NEM community, get updated and be the first to know the latest news about NEM by simply following channels below! 1. NEM Red - 2. NEMberia - 3. NEM News - 4. Helpdesk - 5. Meetup - 6. Facebook - 7. Twitter - 8. Instagram -

hi, someone near Amsterdam? we will be in a conference first weekend of February, and we thought could be a good opportunity to do some NEM::Beers and meet each other ! :)

December, first block - 1,395,595 December, last block - 1,439,877 Total Blocks = 44,282 Of the total blocks 33,716, 76.14% contained transactions and therefore fees. A significant increase from November's 63% Total transactions for the month was 173,323; or an average of 5.14 transactions per non-zero block Another huge increase from November's average of 2.08 transactions. The number of transactions was a three-fold increase The total fees generated from all transactions equalled 445,457; giving an average of 13.21 XEM per non-zero block Almost double the average for the previous months figure of 6.84 XEM Highest fee = 1,668.26 XEM in block 1400857 Highest number transactions = 120 in blocks 1429121 & 1429971 Highest fee for an account with balance of 10-11K = 404.94 XEM in block 1406860 120 transactions in a block means it was full (current artificial limit in NEM is 2 tx/s). Two blocks fall into this category; another 78 blocks contained over 100 transactions Number of blocks harvested by accounts with a vested balance between 10K & 12K XEM was 1,514 (down a little on November's 1,573) of which 1,163 received a fee (up on November's figure of 994). I've discovered a slight bug in my script so I'm not going to publish the exact numbers for how many blocks were harvested by accounts with vested balances between 10K & 12K.

LocationCore are so grateful for the votes we have received so far reaching over 1% POI on our first day - THANK YOU! ✅✅ Please continue to vote - and please don't hesistate to contact us @locationcore if you want to discuss the project! Please either use Nano Wallet v1.4.13 or can vote by sending a 0 XEM transaction directly to one of the addresses below: YES - (I support): NAU3UWQ4PEHDPDSKRLIVSOFOICRTGEA5UWYAXFWV NO - (I do not support): NBZZWAVLPOPRPMJCLF4TEBVKD7JSDAIHB2TGEEC6 Also check out our latest interview with Dem and Tamer at CryptoClasses: Thanks NEM Community!
Thank you to everyone who voted for LocationCore - we have reached the minimum target of 3%. If you have not voted there is still time to do so. Our project proposal is at Supporters of the project will get some unique bonuses, including first access to the application for alpha and beta testing. To vote YES - please send a 0 XEM transaction to NAU3UWQ4PEHDPDSKRLIVSOFOICRTGEA5UWYAXFWV To vote NO - send a 0 XEM transaction to NBZZWAVLPOPRPMJCLF4TEBVKD7JSDAIHB2TGEEC6 Thank you all for your support - it means a lot!

Our team is setting up the first NEM Blockchain based platform to solve parents’ main problem - counterfeit products and fake product reviews. To say, more than 68% of parents in Asia refuse to shop online due to this phenomena. No chip, QR code, original label or other thing can solve this issue for ages. This issue is a big social problem and our team believes that it can be solved only by community. In turn, FamilyPoints platform is NEM blockchain-based ledger that aggregates product reviews, ratings, upvotes, coming from parenting community and allows parents useplatform as a tool to search and purchase safe, quality, healthy products for their kids.

I registered but I'm just starting to learn Dutch and think I may need to learn more first. I'm assuming most of the discussion is in Dutch, correct?

Tech Bureau announced PoC (Proof of Concept) project in collaboration with the Japan Net Bank Limited, the very first online bank in Japan!
The CHOICE Team has landed in Wellington and we have just kicked off the first day of our three month business accelerator at CreativeHQ with Kiwibank 🚀
Voting for CHOICE goes LIVE this Monday! To vote upgrade to Nano Wallet v2.1.2 here: To be first to vote and stay up-to-date with our progress, join us @choicetopay
Checkout Bankorus, the world's first private wealth management platform powered by AI and built on the blockhain. For more info, visit their website at or join their telegram group at

Thank you NEM Dutch for the incredible support in our first 24 hours of voting - we are already 25% of the way there! 🎉 This is just the begining, help us make social impact with NEM @choicetopay

Kia ora NEM Dutch, on behalf of Choice I wanted to personally thank you for your incredible support over the last 10 days 🙌 As of 8am (NZDT) yesterday morning, Choice became the first New Zealand NEM backed project!! 🚀🎉🎉

Help us at TravelbyBit support the awareness, adoption, and usage of XEM in tourism and online payments in Australia. Voting is now open for the TravelbyBit Community Fund proposal. Check out our initiative and please show your support for the project: To vote YES: Send a 0 XEM transaction to: NB5DY5-PM4EWA-ZPMXSH-QLVXXJ-WD2WVZ-C2SU3V-HDAU —— To Vote No: Send a 0 XEM transaction to: NCPICY-PTX3GH-RXW433-YU7JGB-GO4A3W-VPZJXN-ZSDC Poll address: NALYCSZ5AUN4MZZNPVTPXMAHT7U6RHWIO4AGKYA2

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No active polls in this group. Use /newpoll to create a poll first.

Hi NEMbers, We have an amazing indoor farming project of 4 years ready to deploy worldwide using NEM blockchain. To learn more, please visit: NEM Community Fund Proposal: NEM Forum [NEM Community Funding Proposal] - World's First Decentralized Indoor Farm NEM COMMUNITY FUND PROPOSAL GreeOx: Growing Fresh Foods Without Borders A Blockchain-Powered Indoor Farming Economy One-page Summary We request...
NEM BLOCKCHAIN FARMING! Clean & sustainable vegetables by GreeOx. For details visit: NEM Community Fund Proposal:
BORDERLESS FARMING: GreeOx indoor farming technology is creating a new econmoic frontier in the fresh food supply chain which is powered by NEM blockchain For details please visit: NEM Community Fund Proposal: Everyone can JOIN Greeox TG
DECENTRALISED FARMING: the green tech revolution is here. GreeOx is in the forefront of this sustainable clean farming. To know more, please visit NEM Community Fund Proposal: or, you may join GreeOx TG

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Hey Guys - this is a brief summary, please continue supporting & vote to make NEM Farming Protocol come to live! GREEOX NEM BLOCKCHAIN FARM: WORLD's FIRST DECENTRALISED INDOOR FARMING ECOSYSTEM: The world is becoming smaller & smaller as IOT brings people’s life closer & closer to events & activities that improve the quality of living. The Greeox NEM blockchain proposal is at the heart of this ecosystem. It addresses 3 important known aspects. 1. Traceability of the origin of food, making indoor farming a lifestyle choice for urban living in a more eco-friendly atmosphere. 2. Community building through fractional ownership making it a more egalitarian based economic power. 3. A truly people’s participation across borders & across diverse environments making it a collage of micro-ecosystem. For full details:
Hey Guys. Thank you for your support so far. I like to share the below links to facilitate your participation to the voting that is live. Thanks again. How to participate in our Airdrop Program for your contribution and participation in the voting: Our Whitepaper to preview and comment: Join the discussion at our Telegram Group
Hey NEM Community: VOTING IS LIVE! Here are 7 things I think will benefit NEM Community why you should vote YES! (SAY YES by sending '0' XEM to: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX) 1. Exposure of NEM protocol in AgriTech and Indoor Farming Space – The combination of these three technologies will profoundly disrupt the agriculture and supply chain industries. GreeOx will increase exposure for NEM blockchain tremendously through an already established indoor farming space. GreeOx will upload its source code onto a public git repository to allow for review as an open source platform so others may implement on top of it as an open-network ecosystem. 2. Fractional Farm Ownership – GreeOx tokens will represent fractional ownership of GroBinn indoor farms located around the globe – in any climate conditions. It is no small feat to own a cutting-edge automated farm to provide real food to the world, so this is an opportunity for NEM members to be the first to own distributed and decentralized farms. This would be accomplished through NEM's algorithm, Proof of Importance (POI) where it provides higher priority to users and facilitates in the reputation of the users. 3. On-boarding Institutional and Corporate Users – Grobinn will be placed amongst resorts and corporate users, to enhance the usage of Greeox Tokens on a large scale as these users fulfill their day-to-day food requirements. As an API based platform, compatibility is key to integrating with others, allowing for GreeOx to build further on NEM's parent chain. 4. Unlock strategic partnership – The biggest advantage for this project is to unite and encourage its network of business partners to collaborate on the NEM platform and its community. Our community members, partners, and distributed farms will always include NEM as our operating platform. The principle core of GreeOx's platform derives from forming partnerships with various organization, which is an intrinsic value different from other blockchain related initiatives. 5. Increased visibility of the NEM blockchain – All GreeOx container farms will display “Powered by NEM”. Every farm location will enable NEM to be displayed on all of its signage and marketing materials. As a “green” company, modeling after the same mission, GreeOx will employ Ny and rewards participation within the community in mind. The message will address security with NEM’s eco-friendly consensus algorithm, Proof of Importance that was developed with usage of low energEM's Mijin v.2 as the most secured smart contract framework available on the blockchain. 6. Increased transaction of GROX – As a permissioned blockchain network, the requirement with efficient processing in the high numbers of transactions, individuals and corporate token holders are able to gain revenue/profits in terms of token deposits. The usefulness is relay within the storage of data within GreeOx and partner companies on the farming chain. Fiat currencies are accepted and transactions will utilize GROX . The increase in transaction in growth cycle and user interaction will contribute value back to the NEM community and blockchain. 7. Indoor farming case study for NEM integration – The partnership and integration with GreeOx will unlock other opportunities for NEM. By employing NEM's technology ProximaX that allows for GreeOx to quickly deploy the use of decentralized app, the integration can quickly and objectively be measured. (VOTE NOW by sending '0' XEM to: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX) Full details, please visit:
Hey NEM Community: STEM IS LIVE! Hier zijn 7 dingen waarvan ik denk dat ze de NEM Community ten goede komen. Waarom zou je JA moeten stemmen? (ZEG JA DOOR '0' XEM te verzenden naar: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX) 1. Blootstelling van NEM-protocol in AgriTech en Indoor Farming Space - De combinatie van deze drie technologieën zal de landbouw- en toeleveringsindustrieën grondig ontwrichten. GreeOx zal de blootstelling aan NEM-blockchain enorm verhogen via een reeds gevestigde overdekte bedrijfsruimte. GreeOx zal zijn broncode uploaden naar een publieke git-repository om te kunnen beoordelen als open-sourceplatform, zodat anderen het kunnen implementeren als een open-netwerk ecosysteem. 2. Fractional Farm Ownership - GreeOx-tokens vertegenwoordigen een fractioneel eigendom van GroBinn-indoorboerderijen over de hele wereld - onder alle klimaatomstandigheden. Het is geen sinecure om een ​​hypermoderne geautomatiseerde boerderij te hebben om echt voedsel aan de wereld te bieden, dus dit is een kans voor NEM-leden om als eerste eigenaar te zijn van gedistribueerde en gedecentraliseerde boerderijen. Dit zou worden bereikt door het algoritme van NEM, Proof of Importance (POI), waar het gebruikers een hogere prioriteit geeft en de reputatie van de gebruikers wordt vergemakkelijkt. 3. On-boarding Institutionele en zakelijke gebruikers - Grobinn zal tussen resorts en zakelijke gebruikers worden geplaatst om het gebruik van Greeox-tokens op grote schaal te verbeteren, omdat deze gebruikers hun dagelijkse voedselbehoeften vervullen. Als API-gebaseerd platform is compatibiliteit de sleutel tot integratie met anderen, waardoor GreeOx verder kan bouwen op de bovenliggende keten van NEM. 4. Ontgrendel strategisch partnerschap - Het grootste voordeel van dit project is om het netwerk van zakelijke partners te verenigen en aan te moedigen om samen te werken op het NEM-platform en de gemeenschap. Onze communityleden, partners en gedistribueerde farms zullen altijd NEM als ons operationele platform omvatten. De belangrijkste kern van het platform van GreeOx komt voort uit het aangaan van partnerschappen met verschillende organisaties, wat een intrinsieke waarde is die verschilt van andere blockchain-gerelateerde initiatieven. 5. Verhoogde zichtbaarheid van de NEM blockchain - Alle GreeOx containerparken zullen "Powered by NEM" weergeven. Elke boerderijlocatie zal NEM laten weergeven op alle signage- en marketingmaterialen. Als een "groen" bedrijf dat modelleert na dezelfde missie, zal GreeOx Ny in dienst nemen en participatie binnen de gemeenschap belonen. Het bericht gaat over beveiliging met het milieuvriendelijke consensusalgoritme van NEM, Proof of Belang, dat is ontwikkeld met gebruik van low energEM's Mijin v.2 als het meest beveiligde slimme contractraamwerk dat beschikbaar is op de blockchain. 6. Verhoogde transactie van GROX - Als een toegestaan ​​blockchain-netwerk kunnen de vereisten met een efficiënte verwerking in het hoge aantal transacties, individuen en houders van bedrijfstoken omzet / winst behalen in termen van tokenposities. Het nut is relais binnen de opslag van gegevens binnen GreeOx en partnerbedrijven in de landbouwketen. Fiat-valuta's worden geaccepteerd en transacties maken gebruik van GROX. De toename in transacties in groeicyclus en gebruikersinteractie zullen waarde toevoegen aan de NEM-community en blockchain. 7. Casestudy over binnenkweek voor NEM-integratie - Het partnerschap en de integratie met GreeOx zullen andere kansen voor NEM ontsluiten. Door gebruik te maken van de NEM-technologie ProximaX waarmee GreeOx snel gebruik kan maken van het gebruik van een gedecentraliseerde app, kan de integratie snel en objectief worden gemeten. (STEM NU NU door '0' XEM te sturen naar: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX) Volledige details vindt u op:

Only 6 days left to vote, community show your support by voting to bring the first NEM Farming project live in a neighbourhood near you! To Vote YES: send 0 XEM to: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX To Vote NO: send 0 XEM to: NDLC37-MTOMKC-626V43-N3P63A-QL65EL-LUSYDL-Y6LP

To help increase the knowledge of our NEM Community Fund Proposal, @mycoinvest is rewarding anyone who can translate our document into DUTCHi with 270,000 Vezcoins through our "Utility in Community" campaign. Please let me know in this channel if you would like to help and translate this English version NEM proposal document into Dutch. You can open the doc in Google Chrome, and using a Google Translator plug-in, auto translate the doc first, then make corrections onto another Word Document for review. Please let me know ASAP, because voting will end soon. Thank you.
Inviting 50K+XEM Wallet VOTES for GREEOX! Our REVISED milestones @ LAST DAY! Valid till 8pm UTC 12.05.2018! The first 100 wallets* to vote to get GreeOx LIFETIME Vegetables/Herbs. *Instructions: Take Screen Shot of the Vote, submit to @GreeoxCommunitySupport telegram and we will contact you to supply GreeOx produce for a family of 4 after Farm Deployment in your City.
Do you want to know more about LuxTag, the features that differentiate NEM from Ethereum and Hyperledger, and much more? Watch the 7 exclusive interviews with Jeff McDonald, NEM Advisor, and become yourself an expert! Watch the first one! Find the second interview on LuxTag FB page: Isn't Ethereum better than NEM?
The Hybrid Stock Exchange Trailer is finally here! Check out how a billion dollar market is opening its doors to SMEs for the first time:
Tune Co Founder and Grammy Award winning producer DJ Blackout @djblackout just registered his first beat on the NEM Blockchain via Copyright Bank
Hello NEMbers: After first day our POI currently stands at 0.12%, we had a good start but still a long way to go! Continue to vote and promote To vote YES send 0 XEM to NC2NPW-ZBIHPA-E2GCLD-HWZ3JE-K7XE4B-4JWZ4N-NV7K To vote NO send 0 XEM to NAAG4J-KTN7AW-IRPTSS-VJAXL3-XQVYPT-TJYMUI-HGRN Here's a feature of Brifs by the Cryptoclass
This is your LAST DAY TO VOTE for ORIGINS!! 🙌🌎 Origins is a socially impactful supply chain project that is ready to add a significant amount of value to NEM, not to mention position NEM in very strong position in supply chain blockchain solutions 💯🌎 AND we are looking at NEM's very first FEMALE community fund proposal FOUNDER!!✊️❤️ Proposal: Please use the poll address: NDBKCSLUQTPY6OOWQ2ZFUABDKAVOZQS65PULDG7O To vote YES ✅ send 0 XEM to: NCGZKE-PZSXKF-W4WCTK-3M4LHA-KNBQXT-DXK65D-CML7 To vote NO 🚫 send 0 XEM to: NCNSRY-BTGVM6-JXSRXV-ZDHWDF-XFERGZ-Q5FU6D-UOID
#Cryptodus dev team first to follow the #NEMsp training program.
VNX Exchange, The World’s First Marketplace and Trading Platform for Tokenized Venture Capital Assets, Partners With NEM #VNX #VNXExchange #VentureExchange #DigitalAssets #VentureCapital #TokenizedAssets #NEM

I would like first to introduce my self ,kindly my name is Patrick , student advisor at African College of wildlife, we have a lot to share with you to be one of our pertinership in our worldwide college of wildlife management and conservation. Kindly if your interest let me know for more information,Thanks, your mostly welcome in Tanzania country of widely resources of tourism, and future conservation in wild Animals.