Hi NEM Community in Netherlands! In strategic partnership with NEM , Reporter Community is now accepting XEM for contributions, for more information, visit our link: or feel free to ask me if you have any question! Reporter Community - Whether you need to sell some big news or tell a story, our app makes it easy to create and sell your photos and videos globally.
The biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrency proved how NEM truly values its community and its investors — the real people behind its peer-to-peer blockchain network. Read more about this here
Paul Rieger, Head of Business Development for NEM Europe, is joining Pantos as the NEM representative and official advisor. Read the full story here:
CATAPULT UPDATE: Official statement from Foundation President Lon Wong regarding the Beta launch of Catapult. Read the full story here:
Hi It’s Slava from Paytomat and I have something special for you... This idea lies on the surface. While its global extension is on its way, I invite you to the heart of Amsterdam to celebrate the beginning of a new era of crypto payments. Take the coins with you, so you could try out the Paytomat payment system and see what the future of payments looks like. May 7th at 18:00, Matrëshka Russian Kitchen (address: Haarlemmerdijk 108A ) SAVE THE DATE! Contemplating its long history with DASH, Paytomat has now joined NEM enterprise members ( ) and Waves Lab ( ) is hereby welcomes you to acquaint yourself both Dash and NEM. Come and join us! If you have any questions – feel free to ask me :)