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Where are you from?

Any one planning to move to canada?

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Hit me up if you are interested okay

I'm Jamal from Morocco

​1./ Just a quick note to the community that we’re holding off on the Council update until later this week. The good news is that progress is happening. Work continues on how to successfully transform the new Foundation and we are working overtime with all those involved.2./ The bear market sometimes makes things seem worse than they are. Keep perspective that we are building a very strong organization so we are ready for the next bull. Thank you, NEMbers._________Alex Tinsman - President of the Foundation.
Sewanu Zinsu
Am new here

Oui salut votre nom paraît être togolais ou béninois, vous l'êtes ?

Tu est garcon ou fille

J'ai bien précisé que je suis TOGOLAIS