Hi Everyone. Live Voting for a few NEM Community Fund Proposals are underway. The Community Fund DAO was created to promote the development of the NEM ecosystem by funding NEM start-up companies to help jump-start their businesses. These businesses are using NEM in many ways which will produce mass adoption in all industries, academia and government. NEM community supporters who hold XEM can vote and decide if these projects will help increase awareness and use of the NEM blockchain in our everyday lives. Read the proposals at and look for the topics with "VOTE NOW" in its title. Only through real use and adoption will the NEM blockchain be a solution worth using. Happy Voting!
Thanks for your support so far. We are currently at 0.26329% of the total 3% POI score we need to satisfy the vote. Please read our proposal and vote to help myCoinvest receive funding to accelerate NEM use in the financial industry and the platform's financial savings ecosystem to help people save money faster and easier. This will also bring awareness of the NEM blockchain to the USA. See the proposal information here: To vote YES: NDNETT-57K3JY-7PGKJY-RS3DP7-GUFSKK-HMRUOD-JPX6 To vote NO: NCDLV3-GKAANX-Y5RPIR-CL4WMA-EOC5YO-QRGNCK-K2DX
Hi NEMbers! Checkout this article about the Future Blockchain Summit and NEM Global MeetUp in Dubai, UAE. #NEM #XEM

#NEM Interim President Kristof Van de Reck will participate in the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference on May 24! The event is hosted by Tony Guoga, EU Parliament, in cooperation with Blockchain Centre Vilnius. More info: Speakers:

3 questions/comments from today's Facebook Live with GreeOx CEO. "Eddie Dawson Ferreira: profits made in fiat is converted into GROX token by the foundation and then distributed to the community based on their market share. Block chain could definitely enable this because of its transparency, ensuring the community can individually monitor the performance of the farms.This however, relies heavily on the value of the GROX token - how will you ensure the value of the token will stay high enough for the operation to continue?" "Thanh Le We also have a question from members of the community. What would be the running cost of a container? And how would we go about owning and runnjng this on a decentralised platform" "David, in a nutshell, could you please give us an overview of how an indoor famring like GreeOx would benefit the growth and production of organic food being powered by blockchain tech?" Click at to see the answers and many more benefits to NEM and community at large why you should support by voting YES. To Vote YES: send 0 XEM to: NAFIFY-3TUP77-IUAPVK-ASM77D-JTEUIQ-ZSWJ7N-R2FX To Vote NO: send 0 XEM to: NDLC37-MTOMKC-626V43-N3P63A-QL65EL-LUSYDL-Y6LP Every single votes count towards this incredible project
any from GTA north? There is a meet up group that was just set up. Feel free to join.
Thank you NEM community for all of your support to date! We are closing in fast! Sharing our REVISED milestones based on community' feedback. ONLY 3 days left to VOTE: Phase 1 Business Formation (160,000 XEM) ● Market Research and Preparation ● Company structure and formation of Foundation (non-profit) Phase 2 Minimum viable platform (1,520,000 XEM) Implement NEM technology to fuel the Greeox foundation (phase 1) Web application to manage farm projects : - NEM Voting integration to approve a new project - NEM Namespaces and Mosaic integration to allow fractional farms ownership - NEM Apostille for operational documents (legal papers, invoices, etc) - Off-Chain smart contracts to manage ownership lifecycle (transfer, dividends, etc) - Digitalization of farming operations : crop status, tasks status and timeline to ensure container productivity and monitoring Phase 3 Advanced Technology integration (1,086,000XEM) ● Inhouse development of IoT systems connected directly with the NEM blockchain ● Digitalization and integration of the supply chain in the NEM blockchain ● Advanced operation monitoring using A.I ● Robotic integration to increase yield and reduce human intervention Phase 4 Foundation expansion (1,520,000 XEM) ○ Develop governance with operating models ○ Expand MVE and partner with consortiums ○ Pilot NEM GreeOx solution into live production ○ Design roll-out strategy and integrate with legacy GreeOx ○ Streamline technology and develop API for community operators Usage of Funds (XEM) Operations Kickoff --------------------------------- 373,584 XEM Platform and software Development ---------- 1,737,600 XEM Hardware Design & Production ---------------- 1,303,200 XEM Foundation expansion ----------------------------- 868,800 XEM Total Costs ---------------------------------------- 4,283,184 XEM
Hi Everyone, I am Nitin . Founder of Sernez - A decentralized peer to peer lending platform for eductional loans. We met with the NEM team in Dubai at the Future blockchain summit and is migrating towards NEM. Do check out our blogs and join the community @sernez to join the revolution !! Ramdan Mubarak !

Come and meet NEM China Regional Head Steve Li as he speaks as one of the panels for the upcoming Blockchain Festival Vietnam on May 24-25 in Ho Chi Minh! Full details here:

Is Blockchain Technology ready for mass adoption? Catch NEM Sydney Leader Thanh Le as explains the topic as one of the keynote speakers for Blockchain Festivale Vietnam! More info:

Meet Kits Amores of NEM PH Blockchain Consultant/Operations Head as he share "The power of and enterprise grade blockchain protocols" on May 26, 2018, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at CoderSchool, HCMC

Tune Co Founder and Grammy Award winning producer DJ Blackout @djblackout just registered his first beat on the NEM Blockchain via Copyright Bank NEM Community Fund Vote Poll Now Live! Bringing mass US adoption of the NEM blockchain with a discount gift card marketplace. Show your support and vote now! To vote YES send 0 XEM to NC2NPW-ZBIHPA-E2GCLD-HWZ3JE-K7XE4B-4JWZ4N-NV7K To vote NO send 0 XEM to NAAG4J-KTN7AW-IRPTSS-VJAXL3-XQVYPT-TJYMUI-HGRN Here's a link to the Full Proposal: 1-Page Summary can be found here: If you have any questions you can ask them here on this channel; just add @charlie_muir to your message

96.29% Yes votes with 11.6% to POI Goal This project is fighting the XEM bears by working to bring mass adoption of the NEM blockchain to North America with a gift card marketplace for retail consumers. Vote YES and fight the bears with us! To vote YES send 0 XEM to NC2NPW-ZBIHPA-E2GCLD-HWZ3JE-K7XE4B-4JWZ4N-NV7K To vote NO send 0 XEM to NAAG4J-KTN7AW-IRPTSS-VJAXL3-XQVYPT-TJYMUI-HGRN If you have any questions you can AMA anywhere anytime — just add @charlie_muir to your message.

Do your part in bringing the NEM technology closer to the common user. Vote YES to brifs! Bringing mass US adoption of the NEM blockchain with a discount gift card marketplace. Show your support and vote now! To vote YES send 0 XEM to NC2NPW-ZBIHPA-E2GCLD-HWZ3JE-K7XE4B-4JWZ4N-NV7K To vote NO send 0 XEM to NAAG4J-KTN7AW-IRPTSS-VJAXL3-XQVYPT-TJYMUI-HGRN Watch NEM with Tony to learn more about brifs project. Here's a link to the Full Proposal: 1-Page Summary can be found here:
Hello NEM Canada! Phil from Ottawa, working on MuleChain. It’s an awesome p2p delivery & warehousing system being built using NEM. Our team is looking for feedback. Would you be kind enough to give me your thoughts on the project? Public or PM is fine. Website: Introduction to mulechain: NEM Community Proposal: We’re hoping to generate substantial adoption of the NEM and at this point all suggestions and critics are useful. Here’s some questions that help: - MuleChain Project: Yay or nay? And why? - How would you see it being used? Or not? - What would you change? Thanks everyone, And wow just saw about Lethwei, that’s badass!
Here’s why everyone should vote YES for Our project is a perfect fit for the NEM Community Fund’s goals, The NEM Foundation’s goals, and the interests of XEM hodlers. Plus, we plan on returning the funding several times over to the NEM Community; here’s how: 1) Our gift card marketplace anticipates processing 10’s of thousand of transactions on the NEM blockchain on a daily basis within the next 5 years. 2) All of those transactions will be gift card sales and all of those gift cards will have “Proudly built on the NEM blockchain” prominently displayed giving massive exposure to NEM among 100’s of thousands, if not millions of US consumers (see image below). ​ 3) As mentioned in our proposal any Brifs giveaway will be directed to the NEM community! 6% of the total supply of our mosaics brifs:brif will be given the NEM community and the NEM Foundation. Our success is NEM’s success. But wait there’s more… There are dozens of other smaller and less direct ways we are going to try to make the NCF’s investment in our project the best use of funds; helping other NEM projects, spreading the word about NEM to Venture Capitalists and the broader blockchain community, participating in events, to name a few. We encourage you to ask literally any NEMber or NF member that has interacted with us about what their experience has been like and what they think of our project. To vote YES send 0 XEM to NC2NPW-ZBIHPA-E2GCLD-HWZ3JE-K7XE4B-4JWZ4N-NV7K To vote NO send 0 XEM to NAAG4J-KTN7AW-IRPTSS-VJAXL3-XQVYPT-TJYMUI-HGRN Here’s the link to the Full Proposal: English:
Hello NEMbers, Rahul here from Sernez - the world’s first P2P student lending and scholarship platform built on NEM. We believe that using the NEM blockchain, we can bring authenticity and transparency to the education financing process of millions of students not just in India but all over the world to create a better, brighter future for all. Please take a look at our NEM proposal and feel free to leave your comments: We would be more than happy to answer them. Don't forget to join us on Telegram at @sernez! Thank you so much.
Hi NEMbers. If you just joined the NEM and Sernez community and wish to get a brief overview of what NEM is, please join with Alvin Marquez for a NEM 101 webinar tonight at 8pm EST, New York time. Webinar is being organized by Blockchain Consortium International and Black Blockchain Consultants group. There will be time for QA. Register here:
In this episode of Latinem, Council Member Stephen Chia tells us about Nem's plans from the new Blockchain Center in Kuala Lumpur. Also know the new project about Nem: MuleChain, explained by its CEO.

A brilliant use case that is going to creat tangible social impact on the NEM blockchain 🌎❤️ No to mention the strong position it creates for NEM in the supply chain management solutions 👍💯

Hi everyone. NEM in the USA is progressing in multiple fronts from the west coast to the east. Here's my recent NEM 101 webinar hosted by the group. If you are new to NEM, here are the basics with some mention of companies using NEM right now.
You can now pay with $XEM in the Blockchain Hub! Thanks to Paytomat and NEM Ukraine! Check it out!
Dennis 🦉 Qchain
make a purpose yourself

I am not really into this idea. I was working hard on NEM appearance in Poland, and it is one of the most visible and recognizable projects there, I travelled around the country and spoke on different meetups, writing articles to major polish blockchain medias, providing value by speaking with biggest polish cryptocurrency youtubers. Only thing I got for that from the NEM foundation is that some members were laughing at me that I do so much and I am still not even a Foundation member. Guess why I don't care as much anymore to put my face out there. If it is only a business I decided to keep it as a business, only people who run meetups in North America are those who want to market their own projects (Devslopes, Mycoinvest, brifs, qchain). I am working on my own project but untill I'll launch it I won't spend my free time helping the team which will benefit financially on my work. And if NEM North America leader will contact me with some proposal I'll probably say yes, but untill this time I will focus on bringing people value via my YT channel and tool that I build in my free time.

I need some help from our big NEM team. Please just do it! 😊 SXSW is one of the most famous tech conferences in the world, not just a blockchain conference. I have been nominated for a panel and need some up votes. You would have to do the following: 1. Sign up at 2. Click on their confirmation email and log in 3. Vote Up me here
Hi everyone, if you are in Hanoi on September 15 and 16, come by and check out CDAD2018 along with Kimble Ngo, head of NEM Vietnam. CDAD2018 is the first blockchain conference in Vietnam endorsed by the Ministry of Justice. NEM Vietnam has been active in the local communities and government. If you can lend your support by sharing, joining, or just giving a thumbs up, it'll show how powerful the NEM community is. 👉 Ticket link is here: enter code NEM20 for 20% discount 👉 Website link is here:
This is a great highlight of the #blockchain for the Indian Country project by #UniversalTribal and #He3Labs. Check it out!
Sign up now and get 10% off the tickets with the code: NEMwib2018 👉Ticket:

NEM Reassures Asset Holders after Zaif Exchange Security Incident Multi-signature technology ensures protection and integrity of XEM- and NEM-based holdings SINGAPORE / TOKYO - September 20, 2018 - The Foundation (, creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform providing payments, messaging, asset making and more, today announced that the NEM blockchain platform itself remains secure, and all NEM mobile wallets and NEM Nano wallets also remain secure and intact, in the wake of the hack of the Zaif crypto exchange that occurred on Sept.14. While NEM is traded on Zaif, only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and MonaCoin (MONA) holdings were stolen in this hack. No known NEM holdings are believed to be affected at this time. NEM also incorporates multi-signature technology that makes it harder for the NEM cryptocurrency and blockchain to be compromised by rogue hackers. “The Zaif hack is most unfortunate. We want to remind the entire cryptocurrency community to practice proper security measures to protect their funds. This includes using multi-factor authentication and hardware wallets,” commented Alexandra Tinsman, Global Spokesperson for the NEM Foundation. “Anyone trying to withdraw cryptocurrency from Zaif right now will find it’s temporarily suspended as Zaif goes through the regulatory authorities investigation process.” Users can withdraw/deposit XEM, ETH, CMS:XEM and CMS:ETH. However, Zaif has stopped withdrawals and deposits for BTC, MONA, BCH, CounterParty tokens (ZAIF, XCP, BCY, SJCX, FSCC, PEPECASH, CICC, NCX). Zaif has also contacted the Bureau of Finance and investigative authorities regarding these issues. The Zaif team is working toward rebooting its servers parallel to increasing security check measures and other server reconstruction. The NEM team will continue to update the community as it learns more. About NEM The NEM Foundation is endorsed by an international network compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia. The business’ ethos is to provide NEM’s blockchain technology platform to enhance enterprise whilst being run by the people, for the people. NEM’s team provides this through an array of support and education, from training events and service providers to technical support for the ecosystem.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Foundation, creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform providing payments, messaging, asset making and more, today announced that the NEM blockchain platform itself remains secure, and all NEM mobile wallets and NEM Nano wallets also remain secure and intact, in the wake of the hack of the Zaif crypto exchange that occurred on September 14.

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Big announcement! World’s largest decentralized application ecosystem #Gifto partners with #NEM. explores NEM blockchain to improve scalability and decrease costs.

Are Cryptoassets the only way to break into blockchain..? dont think so....

Become a #NEM Foundation member now! Help support and accelerate adoption of NEM blockchain technology through leadership and participation. Sign up now!👉 Membership is open to all individuals 21 years and up and organizations worldwide (subject to approval).
Unibright, and Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb: Ecosystem Tokenization via #NEM blockchain! Check it out!👇 #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects #blockchain
What is the aim from this group is our website and we are a blockchain platform where developers can create a blockchain based applications

Check out this quick video about #NEM Blockchain and its Smart Asset System.👇

Hello communityToday the bear market, makes a new history. With 411 days in a row.This January many Crypto-Startups have made layoffs and adjustments in their strategies or business models.The faster and the right decisions are made, the better and faster results can be obtained in the new challenges imposed by the Blockchain ecosystem.From the council we are working tirelessly to present the proposal the next few days that elevates the Nem Foundation as an example and will empower all the other actors of the NEM ecosystem.Feel free to ask me any question and I will gladly answer you.