(PoI) Proof-of-importance (Voting) – “We are in the middle of setting up a voting system that will allow students to vote on what computer hardware we purchase for the school.”

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NEM is more than just a cryptocurrency. Let the world know what else NEM can do! We encourage everyone in the NEM community to share a simple clickbait post: " #Itstarted #NEM #Blockchain" The link will then be redirected on video. This wil help us further expand our reach. Looking forward to your usual cooperation team! 😃

The biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrency proved how NEM truly values its community and its investors — the real people behind its peer-to-peer blockchain network. Read more about this here

Just wanted to say, don't forget to vote for CHOICE on their community fund proposal. This will be an opportunity for you to use the VOTING module that is available on NEM Nano Wallet v2.1.2 for your desktop. In my opinion, this is a big project with big potential to involve the whole New Zealand Government and bank(s) in bringing the adoption of cryptocurrency into the economy. The benefits I see: 1. Reduced transaction fees for purchases as compared to CARD 2. By-passing hardware payment systems 3. Part of the transaction fees go to actual charitable organizations of your CHOICE. Social Impact for sure! 4. A QR payment system that is fairly new in the New Zealand business space. So it will be COOL of course! If the CHOICE team can help the New Zealand People adopt cryptocurrency full heartedly, it will prove the efficiency and power of the NEM blockchain, and the ease of use for cryptocurrency in general, which all other businesses and governments are looking to find examples of. But in order for them to get there they need our help. Check out the proposal, and believe in their work! We want to see real world use cases, and imagine how all governments and countries can adopt crypto currency to the masses, and CHOICE is one of those projects where that can be witnessed sooner than later.

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I am not really into this idea. I was working hard on NEM appearance in Poland, and it is one of the most visible and recognizable projects there, I travelled around the country and spoke on different meetups, writing articles to major polish blockchain medias, providing value by speaking with biggest polish cryptocurrency youtubers. Only thing I got for that from the NEM foundation is that some members were laughing at me that I do so much and I am still not even a Foundation member. Guess why I don't care as much anymore to put my face out there. If it is only a business I decided to keep it as a business, only people who run meetups in North America are those who want to market their own projects (Devslopes, Mycoinvest, brifs, qchain). I am working on my own project but untill I'll launch it I won't spend my free time helping the team which will benefit financially on my work. And if NEM North America leader will contact me with some proposal I'll probably say yes, but untill this time I will focus on bringing people value via my YT channel and tool that I build in my free time.

NEM Reassures Asset Holders after Zaif Exchange Security Incident Multi-signature technology ensures protection and integrity of XEM- and NEM-based holdings SINGAPORE / TOKYO - September 20, 2018 - The Foundation (, creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform providing payments, messaging, asset making and more, today announced that the NEM blockchain platform itself remains secure, and all NEM mobile wallets and NEM Nano wallets also remain secure and intact, in the wake of the hack of the Zaif crypto exchange that occurred on Sept.14. While NEM is traded on Zaif, only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and MonaCoin (MONA) holdings were stolen in this hack. No known NEM holdings are believed to be affected at this time. NEM also incorporates multi-signature technology that makes it harder for the NEM cryptocurrency and blockchain to be compromised by rogue hackers. “The Zaif hack is most unfortunate. We want to remind the entire cryptocurrency community to practice proper security measures to protect their funds. This includes using multi-factor authentication and hardware wallets,” commented Alexandra Tinsman, Global Spokesperson for the NEM Foundation. “Anyone trying to withdraw cryptocurrency from Zaif right now will find it’s temporarily suspended as Zaif goes through the regulatory authorities investigation process.” Users can withdraw/deposit XEM, ETH, CMS:XEM and CMS:ETH. However, Zaif has stopped withdrawals and deposits for BTC, MONA, BCH, CounterParty tokens (ZAIF, XCP, BCY, SJCX, FSCC, PEPECASH, CICC, NCX). Zaif has also contacted the Bureau of Finance and investigative authorities regarding these issues. The Zaif team is working toward rebooting its servers parallel to increasing security check measures and other server reconstruction. The NEM team will continue to update the community as it learns more. About NEM The NEM Foundation is endorsed by an international network compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia. The business’ ethos is to provide NEM’s blockchain technology platform to enhance enterprise whilst being run by the people, for the people. NEM’s team provides this through an array of support and education, from training events and service providers to technical support for the ecosystem.