Für meine Freunde aus der D-A-CH Gruppe! Vorab info, bevor wir das in die allgemeine NEM community posten ... ;-) Vielleicht kann ja der eine oder andere einen Trading Vorteil erhaschen. Ich mache da mal lieber kein "insider trading" weil ich hier zu nahe an der Quelle stehe 😀 Auf Deutsch existiert noch nicht. Möchte jemand diese erstellen?

“The sponsorship is to be paid entirely in XEM, and will be supported by an extensive city-wide public education campaign on the usage and benefits of the XEM cryptocurrency.“

Hey Leute. Hats hier leute die aktiv auf Reddit sind? NEM könnte zb auf ein bisschen mehr beachtung kriegen. 🙊

NEM is more than just a cryptocurrency. Let the world know what else NEM can do! We encourage everyone in the NEM community to share a simple clickbait post: " #Itstarted #NEM #Blockchain" The link will then be redirected on video. This wil help us further expand our reach. Looking forward to your usual cooperation team! 😃

SNAP Interactive (@SNAPInteractive) hat getwittert: Snap Interactive Announces Open-Platform Blockchain Development Initiative. Snap Will Create Blockchain-based Multi-Media Delivery Platform Open to Third-Party Developers #blockchain #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #fintech #stvi #ostk #riot $GBTC #NEM #XEM

"Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has suspended all withdrawals as a Ripple payment worth $123mln left its wallet Friday, Jan. 26. In what appears to be a problem tied to its support of altcoin NEM, Coincheck, which is among Japan’s largest exchanges, suddenly froze NEM deposits Friday."

"500 millions USD worth of a cryptocurrency that shall not be named, has been removed from poppular Japenese exchange Coincheck."

The biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrency proved how NEM truly values its community and its investors — the real people behind its peer-to-peer blockchain network. Read more about this here
NEM Indiana Grand Chapter will hold its blockchain and cryptocurrency technology symposium on March 31, 2018. Discussions about NEM Smart Blockchain and how its world class platform can help you enterprises. Check out the link to know more:

"Do we have a community? Aside from certain pockets, especially in Japan, it seems like the “community” is just a bunch of speculators. The fixation on price and exchange availability is deeply troubling to me. Satoshi did not invent Bitcoin to encourage rampant speculation of digital assets. I believe his purpose was much grander than that. Cryptocurrency should not be about making a quick profit. Instead, it should be about decentralization and democratizing control. Let people — not governments or corporations — own and control their own data and financial future. Unfortunately, in the present, much of the cryptocurrency landscape has devolved into slightly veiled boiler rooms. "

Why do Bitcoin and cryptoassets have no future… when the NYSE is creating the cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt in collaboration with Microsoft and Starbucks with physically backed Bitcoin futures contracts. when Fidelity is offering it to its clients and has been mining it since 2015. when Steve Wozniak is co-founding a cryptoasset investment firm. when Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and Mozilla, started Brave Browser with a built-in ad-blocker and Basic Attention Token (BAT) to reward content creators. when Amazon Web Services partnered with QTUM. when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is utilizing Ripple’s interledger protocol to help with payment services for the financially impoverished and unbanked. when IBM is partnering with Stellar Lumens (XLM) for cross-border payment solutions. when Jamie Dimon, tells all that it Bitcoin is a “fraud” and that if he catches any employees who own it he would fire them, while in the background JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley bought Bitcoin ETNs on the dip. when the MLB is launching a crypto-based game on the blockchain using the ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens. when George Soros initially bashed cryptocurrencies, only to later buy a stack of Bitcoin at the $6k low. when Alibaba and IBM have the most blockchain patents in the world. when Yale’s endowment invested $400 million in cyptoasset funds. when the Winklevoss twins took $11 million of their Facebook money and put it into Bitcoin in 2013 when it was $120 each. when John McAfee bets his manhood that Bitcoin is going to the moon. when Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, thinks Bitcoin is the currency of the future. when Richard Branson thinks Bitcoin will bring an economic revolution. when Goldman-Sachs backed Circle launched a crypto finance company. when Square’s Cash App allowed users to buy and sell Bitcoin. when Coinbase is valued at $8B. when the founder of YouTube and the founder of Twitch are advising Theta Token (THETA). when Bitmain is on track for $10 billion in revenue this year after around $4 billion last year. when Binance made more in profit in Q2 2018 than Deutsche Bank. when Reddit co-founder is betting on Bitcoin as a hedge to economic crises. when Blockchains, LLC bought 60,000 acres for their company that will incubate and innovate Ethereum-based blockchain ventures. when the co-founder of Wikipedia is now working on its decentralized counterpart Everipedia (IQ). when Akon is launching his own cryptocurrency Akoin to help bring security to the currency system in Africa. when Ashton Kutcher donated $4 million in XRP to Ellen DeGeneres’ charityby transferring it to her in a matter of seconds. when Chamath Palihapitiya, co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, invested early in Bitcoin and thinks it’s going to $1 million per coin. when Plastic Bank is helping those in developing countries earn cryptocurrency while also curing plastic ocean pollution — I know you’ve seen those IBM commercials. when Robinhood offers the purchase of cryptos commission-free. when Steve Bannon is betting on Bitcoin and launching his own cryptocurrency. when Bill Clinton spoke at the Swell Conference in support of Ripple and blockchain technology. when former Trump aide and Goldman Sachs exec Gary Cohn is joining a blockchain startup. when the NFL purchased a stake in blockchain startup SportsCastr. when the NBA goes crypto as the Sacramento Kings mine Ethereum, Bitmain sponsors the Houston Rockets, and former commissioner David Stern backs FanChain. when Rockefeller-owned Venrock is investing in cryptocurrency. when is going full-on crypto. when cryptocurrencies can end poverty and provide financial freedom to those in financial need. cryptos: from earth to moon Yeah. This has no future. Accumulate, HODL, and think outside the blox! Team TWC TheWildCrypto

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