report Foundation Ltd Gets Going We are happy to report that 2016 had been a hive of activities. We needed to do a lot of ground marketing, the hard way of course, and at the same time, we needed to ensure that the online dissemination of information had to be up to date. Short of

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denke mal kraken kann uns nicht mehr lange ignorieren Die machen NEM und FIAT ... koennte mal jemand mit kleineren Beträgen ausprobieren und hier reporten bitte? Russisch-Sprechende tester bevorzugt...

SuperNode report at 4th June 2017 - Supernodes added during the week was 5, bringing the total to 726 - Number of active nodes is 490 up a little on last weeks figure of 487 - Free slots on Supernodes continues to drop and is now at 1,100 - The total number of remote harvesters using SN is now 2,459 up from 2,157 last week - NEW : the SN payout this week was M:309 , T:308 , W:311 , Th:311 , F:309 , S:317 , Su:305

Then, afterwards - depending on the short report - We (@zlenz_orelav !) would like to tweet from official NEM channel and announce the new NEM FIAT channel.

We regret to inform you that on the 12th of september 2017 a supplier to LiteBit has become the victim of a cyberattack. Sadly, the attack also concerned a LiteBit server. We are currently investigating the scope of the attack. Sadly we have to conclude that an unauthorized person has had access to your; email address, hashed password, IBANs, phone number, address and portfolio data. There has, however, been no breach on the LiteBit wallet servers. All coins belonging to customers are safe. Also, no verification documents have been accessed during the incident. It is of high importance that you reset your 2FA settings, you can read more about this here: LiteBit 2FA We understand that the recent problems at LiteBit and our supplier have damaged your trust in our organization. We want to show our deepest remorse. We have already taken measures and we will keep improving and expanding on these measures in the future in hope to regain your trust. We have reported this incident to the police and the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk if you have any more questions! Phone: +31 (0) 10 307 48 20 Email: [email protected] are very sorry the inconvenience this may has caused, Team

SPECIAL BOUNTY: get rewarded for organising NEM 101 in your local city. This is a special bounty open to NEMbers (you must sign up to be a NEMber first: 1. Up to maximum USD200 in XEMs in sponsorship food, beverage and venue to host a NEM101 (on a claims basis, receipts required - you can raise external sponsorship) 2. USD200 in XEMs to be shared between organiser(s) of event (minimum 20 people to attend, simple report with pictures to be completed) 3. USD100 in XEMs to speaker to present NEM101 (Organiser(s) and speaker can be the same person) 4. Organiser to organise events via Meetup platform - (admin rights will be given) 5. Max of one (1) NEM101 per city per month. 6. Materials on how to organise event present NEM101 will be sent to organiser(s) to coordinate with speaker. 7. NEM101 can be held in conjunction with other meetup events held in your local city. HOW? Send event proposal with date, time and location to [email protected] and [email protected]. Event must be within 30 days of proposal. Not all proposal will be accepted, it would depend on how active you are in the NEM community, whether another organiser is hosting something already and other factors. * To those interested, please join this group: @NEMmeetuporganisers for further questions and support! Let's build the NEM community together!
Reporter Community is now accepting XEM for contributions, for more information, visit their link: #NEM #XEM #reportercommunity
for more details, please check their website at

also wenn man alle adresse des hackers hat klar die kann man dann reporten

Since operations began to shut down, Coincheck’s wallet has shifted a one-off sum of 101,265,057 XRP, worth approximately $123.5 mln. Unconfirmed reports to Cointelegraph additionally allege $600 mln of NEM has left the exchange.

According to the publication, the unnamed individual had anonymously converted a small amount of the stolen NEM coins – tagged by Singapore-based NEM Foundation following the theft – into Litecoin through a dark web website. The individual, who reportedly admitted to being aware that the NEM sold was originally stoen from Coincheck, was tracked by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Deparrtment’s cybercrime division after actively monitoring websites on the dark web. Few other details are currently known.

Coincheck Update: Japanese Crypto exchange Coincheck will stop handling anonymity-centered cryptocurrencies Monero ( XMR ) , Dash ( DASH ) and ZCash ( ZEC ) in the aftermath of the major January hackwhen $534 mln worth of NEM was stolen from the exchange, Cointelegraph Japan reported today, March 17. The three anonymous currencies will reportedly be bought by Coincheck from customers at a fixed price. The Japan Times added that Coincheck is also considering accepting transfers of the currencies from verified Coincheck accounts.

You should report that issue on their github

Get to learn more about Sernez please see our latest update as reported in the Official NEM Foundation Update. See the detailed report posted by Indian Express published on their nationwide Newspaper:
ps://]( ​ ​ **TLDR: Poloniex has not sent me my money after 7 months. I told them I would file a police report. They asked me to sign an NDA. I refused. They then responded that they will not send my money.** @r_bitcoin