ja auch passwort und security passwort ist total irreführend

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Wann sollten die Dimcoin auf das Nano Wallet kommen?

--Official Statement-- Date: 10.07.2017 23:55 CET Author: DIM Foundation Singapore Delayed Payouts of DIMCOIN and DIM TOKEN We will delay the first payout round due to technical reasons and manual security auditing. Our development team was working hard to provide an anticipated estimation of the amount of tokens that will be paid out on the first payout round, but counting and calculations are still in progress (now 23:55 CET). Problem: Our foundation rules and regulations requires that 3 members of the compliance team approves the estimated payout amount BEFORE doing the payout. Solution: Tomorrow during business hours the estimation provided by the development team will be approved by compliance team, then the tokens and coins will be paid out. We are very sorry for the delay but calculations and security comes first, so we are announcing a delay of one business day for our first payout. We will keep you updated on our social media channels and via email once the payouts are done. Your investments are safe. Thank you for your understanding and patience. -- End of Statement --

A friendly reminder for all Supernode Owners. NEM Beta 0.6.91. This is a security release, that fixes a problem found by an independent security researcher in NIS. Reward is on the way.

2 FA for transactions would be sweet for the nem wallet. I am not a security expert but it seems to me as this might improve ppls confidence and trust in nem :)

oft “Backup” oder so “Security settings”

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Ja die haben viele Probleme und kaum Volumen..

volumen wird sich ändern wenn web terminal und neue coins kommen. trading-api gibt es schon ich hoffe allerdings, dass die ihre probleme jetzt schleunigst in den griff bekommen. heute muss wohl bei microsoft azure n security fix gewesen sein. dadurch ist lykke und bittrex down gegangen xD

As far as NEM is concerned, tech is intact. We are not forking. Also, we would advise all exchanges to make use of our multi-signature smart contract which is among the best in the landscape. Coincheck didn't use them and that's why they could have been hacked. They were very relaxed with their security measures," Lon Wong, President of the Foundation

The NEM team is 100% committed to the safety and security of the NEM community. The decentralized NEM protocol is highly secure and is performing exactly as designed. Our team is closely monitoring XEM movements from the Coincheck theft of January 25. Due to security concerns around these efforts, we will not be releasing further details on the detailed measures at this time. We are closely monitoring the stolen funds. Some small amounts, under $100 USD each, have been moved to several accounts. NEM’s tagging system is working to track how funds are moved. None of the stolen funds have been sent to any exchanges. As long as those funds are off public exchanges they will be very difficult to liquidate, especially in large amounts.

COINCHECK HACK UPDATE: Foundation President, Lon Wong, thanks the NEM Community for continuous support and assures them of the strength and security of the NEM blockchain. Read more of this on

ich will die diskussion hier nicht anfangen und bin bezüglich der security und qualität auch nicht up to date. würde mir auch wünschen, dass trezor mehr dafür tun würde andere chains zu integrieren. aber das wird nicht passieren

Why do Bitcoin and cryptoassets have no future… when the NYSE is creating the cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt in collaboration with Microsoft and Starbucks with physically backed Bitcoin futures contracts. when Fidelity is offering it to its clients and has been mining it since 2015. when Steve Wozniak is co-founding a cryptoasset investment firm. when Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and Mozilla, started Brave Browser with a built-in ad-blocker and Basic Attention Token (BAT) to reward content creators. when Amazon Web Services partnered with QTUM. when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is utilizing Ripple’s interledger protocol to help with payment services for the financially impoverished and unbanked. when IBM is partnering with Stellar Lumens (XLM) for cross-border payment solutions. when Jamie Dimon, tells all that it Bitcoin is a “fraud” and that if he catches any employees who own it he would fire them, while in the background JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley bought Bitcoin ETNs on the dip. when the MLB is launching a crypto-based game on the blockchain using the ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens. when George Soros initially bashed cryptocurrencies, only to later buy a stack of Bitcoin at the $6k low. when Alibaba and IBM have the most blockchain patents in the world. when Yale’s endowment invested $400 million in cyptoasset funds. when the Winklevoss twins took $11 million of their Facebook money and put it into Bitcoin in 2013 when it was $120 each. when John McAfee bets his manhood that Bitcoin is going to the moon. when Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, thinks Bitcoin is the currency of the future. when Richard Branson thinks Bitcoin will bring an economic revolution. when Goldman-Sachs backed Circle launched a crypto finance company. when Square’s Cash App allowed users to buy and sell Bitcoin. when Coinbase is valued at $8B. when the founder of YouTube and the founder of Twitch are advising Theta Token (THETA). when Bitmain is on track for $10 billion in revenue this year after around $4 billion last year. when Binance made more in profit in Q2 2018 than Deutsche Bank. when Reddit co-founder is betting on Bitcoin as a hedge to economic crises. when Blockchains, LLC bought 60,000 acres for their company that will incubate and innovate Ethereum-based blockchain ventures. when the co-founder of Wikipedia is now working on its decentralized counterpart Everipedia (IQ). when Akon is launching his own cryptocurrency Akoin to help bring security to the currency system in Africa. when Ashton Kutcher donated $4 million in XRP to Ellen DeGeneres’ charityby transferring it to her in a matter of seconds. when Chamath Palihapitiya, co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, invested early in Bitcoin and thinks it’s going to $1 million per coin. when Plastic Bank is helping those in developing countries earn cryptocurrency while also curing plastic ocean pollution — I know you’ve seen those IBM commercials. when Robinhood offers the purchase of cryptos commission-free. when Steve Bannon is betting on Bitcoin and launching his own cryptocurrency. when Bill Clinton spoke at the Swell Conference in support of Ripple and blockchain technology. when former Trump aide and Goldman Sachs exec Gary Cohn is joining a blockchain startup. when the NFL purchased a stake in blockchain startup SportsCastr. when the NBA goes crypto as the Sacramento Kings mine Ethereum, Bitmain sponsors the Houston Rockets, and former commissioner David Stern backs FanChain. when Rockefeller-owned Venrock is investing in cryptocurrency. when is going full-on crypto. when cryptocurrencies can end poverty and provide financial freedom to those in financial need. cryptos: from earth to moon Yeah. This has no future. Accumulate, HODL, and think outside the blox! Team TWC TheWildCrypto

The NEM blockchain’s scalability, security and ease of integration has proven to be one of the most successful blockchain technologies. We are excited to be part of the NEM Ecosystem, collaborating in closer partnership to drive growth and use of NEM in the tokenised economy. — Davy Goh CEO Full post below: