hello. any news about symbol ? when i can get it in my nano wallet ?

Asad Qayyum
Will xem go to zero after symbol launched??

The market will decide. Price speculation is not the topic of this channel. Please switch to @nemberia

Asad Qayyum
How much success achieved?
You can read migration committee updates available on forum -> https://forum.nem.io/c/catapult-migration/58

Any admin who can help?

So I think I signed up for a Nano Wallet because I have an address and private key

To restore access from private key backup. On desktop wallet:Sign up > Private key wallet option, choose mainnet, new password and wallet name and provide private key from backup.

But I don’t have a wallet anymore

And then I can recover?

Yes. Please get desktop wallet and you can follow instruction above.

How does wallet name look like?

Is that a really long code?

What you mean? You can choose name whatever you want. Only important thing is to provide correct private key if you restoring wallet.

It worked :)

Any news when optin?

Is it safe? My LYL still with NEM wallet only. Didn't transfered yet to KYC

Hi, is neminvest.org part of NEM?

When can we expect xym launch ??

Has team announced snapshot time ?