hi everyone, I got this error while send few transactions at the same time:FAILURE_TRANSACTION_CACHE_TOO_FULLis it due to the node used to send the transactions or is there anything else?

did you try several endpoints nodes?

I have tried with one node and it failed, I wanted to understand why before to try with a different node, cause I have to send around 250 tx and I am trying to avoid it to fail again

it can help https://forum.nem.io/t/the-behavior-during-max-transaction/15699

thanks, it's helpful. Basically either I limit batches to 120 txs or use an higher fee hoping the cache of 1000 txs it's not filled and the filter won't block any of my transactions

someone send me this Site. https://neminvest.cc/ Is it a Scam Site ? Thank you for helping

Ok, Thank you very much

I am hold big nem coinCan i get new coin ???Admin help me

Cleopatra Kadek Devi
I am hold big nem coinCan i get new coin ???Admin help me
you may check this out.https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-ecosystem-symbol-launch-plan/

Hello to everyone! There is a question about setting up the node.Input dataGoogle Cloud/Ubuntu 18.04Node started in api-harvest-assembly modeWhen checking through http :// 3000/ I receive a response:{"code":"ResourceNotFound","message":"/ does not exist"}Docker, container and all services started, no errors. I would like to understand why I do not get the correct answer from the nod?

Hello,Any idea of the screenshot and opt in date ?

Hey guys does anyone know the regex to check if Nem wallet address is valid?

You can check how it's done in javascript nem-sdk https://github.com/QuantumMechanics/NEM-sdkhttps://github.com/QuantumMechanics/NEM-sdk#72---verify-address-validity

Surreal Innovations Tariq
When I try to enter the mnemonic, I finish, enter.. It crashes

Official NEM mobile wallet has no mnemonic (you can restore with qr code or private key). Could you show screenshot (of course without private key on it)?

This is from NEM RED. Perhaps someone has the right answer. On the first look, I can’t give him solution myself. He received a Mosaic in 2018 and now it doesn’t show in the explorer not Nanowallet. Thanks

Hi guys, my mosaic is in the my wallet, however its not shown in the dropdown when i want to send it. Anyone able to help?

https://explorer.nemtool.com/#/s_account?account=NCZ7SQ-IQF2WX-N6TUWH-NKT536-HNA23F-HZJXCI-F7MRthis is my wallet address

Thanks Rene!

Hello, looks like darc_totalsupply namespace already expired. Who is owner of this one? They should renew ASAP if they want use it.

Owner (NC5NS5LHPLYSO7NRVV3UHOKUSGQMGFE33JSFRLE7) should renew it now. It should be possible because it's still in grace period.

Thanks for looking into this @cryptoBeliever ... Good to have you.I hope this helps @dartjz

Can please tell me which mobile Nem wallet I can download on my phone.i couldnt find any on the website

We are excited to announce the listing of the first ever state-backed crypto assets on the NCE, @everyone!