No risks. If you want leave this mosaic you can leave it as is and nothing happens. Don't send it because you will pay 10xem fee. It's how this token is configured. If you want remove token without paying levy use this tool This is spam/scam token.

Can I use the burn link you posted earlier ( to clear it out of my wallet ?

Oops you are faster... LOL

This is faucet which will send you other mosaic. When you receive it just send it back and also spam mosaic will be removed.

It still me 10 Nem. Will the faucet replace that ?

It still me 10 Nem. Will the faucet replace that ?

you did it wrong then, and sent the ponti mosaic, not the removal mosaic. XD


Did you read instruction?

1. Receive mosaic from this Faucet. 2. Send received mosaic to address NBELL6JGTI4WPI45PFPKQVBLSU4NLEBILRDPNG3B from your Nanowallet as shown here [CLICK] 3. Ponti mosaic will be removed from your account.

Well. Now you don't have this ponti mosaic but it costs you 10xem.

I did read it. I sent the mosaic to the address I posted above, as the instructions say. I don't have spam-cleaner unponti in my drop down.

1. Receive mosaic from this Faucet.

I guess it wasn't clear for you that you must give your address and receive mosaic from faucet ;)

Oh, that is betteer instructions. Hang on, let me try that.

@cryptoBeliever you can lead a horse to the water but you can't make them drink. Thanks for the removal info. I just received my pontifer mosaic last week.

I have not removed it yet but I will using your tool.

Does that look like i was sucessful?

Is there a way to get th fuc* entry off of my log ? It still wants to come up in the drop down when selecting a mosaic.

try logout and login again.

Yeah !!!!! That worked. Thanks!!!!

@admin I have done token transfer 5 hours ago but transaction has not executed till now.

@admin do you have to say anything??

If this was a transfer to an exchange it might be the exchange that has a delay updating your balance

If you have sent to other exchange probably you must wait until they process that.