:::nelz::: (n3lz0n-NEMTechSupport), [21.03.17 07:45] tech inqury: ERROR 699 NIS: HARVESTING LIMIT HIT soln: goto supernode site and pick a SN ip closes to the user and apply the IP manually in Settings---> Host (NCC original NEM wallet)

Not at all.. i just joined to see what is going on here... I tough the group would be more like Red...

But it's awesome if the group has been created for questions/answers only... no problem

Pedro Carmona
But it's awesome if the group has been created for questions/answers only... no problem

Hopefully this group can serve as a learning ground, identifying often asked question´s and also make it easier for people to expand their knowledge in usage of NEM software.

How intelligent can we make Telegram bots? In red we see the same q's time and time again, can a bot answer these in the first instance for example point people at nemflash.com for latest news, blog articles on harvesting, etc.?

yeah go :-) bot that welcomes and direct users to "have you checked our nemflash.com/helpdesk ?" this is handy :)

How to harvest NEM

How to mine harvest XEMs like a pro (Part 1) Importance Transfer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RdUXKu2SyU How to mine harvest XEMs like a pro (Part 2) Activation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn0XVdMJZ4E

I can't seem to log into my nano wallet, account icon is red for me

Maybe the nis is having an issue which you are connecting to

how do I fix it? i'm pretty new

Please choose any other NEM Node. Click on "Node" to do so.

Should be in the top right corner

not too sure how, i'm on 1.2.12

Of the nano wallet

Maybe that should be said anywhere I the channel here

Make sure to update to 1.3 or so

the older nano version is not supported all of the sudden?

do I delete the old version?

I got my wlt file

Want I did was to rename the old nano wallet folder

As far as I know your wallet info is cached inside your browser

However you should always have a backup

On an USB stick for example

Or encrypted in a zip or 7z file etc

thank god, it was just the node

I thought I was screwed lol

Well most importantly keep your private key safe!

With that you will always be able to recover your funds as long as the nem chain exists

No matter what happens to your wallet or pc or whatever 😉

yup, thanks sheld0r

Follow the advice on the blog article - https://blog.nem.io/how-to-store-your-xem-securely/ which describes backup to aonther disk and / or paper

thanks everyone, yeah I have my private key written down and wlt file stored

It is a paradox with private key, lose it and you lose access to your funds, write it down / copy it and it gets into the wrong hands you could lose your account.

maybe one day we'll get implemented on jaxx wallet or something

where there's a seed pnemonic you can just remember

Isn't that the same as a brain wallet which can be done already with NEM? Personally I'd like to see some biometrics like fingerprint or retina scan as we are now seeing on iOS, Android and Windows

what is diffrent, as i understand it, is that jaxx enables you to have multiple coins in one wallet with just one seed

yeah I think their implementation is better, although I didn't know what a 'brain wallet' was when i first started so i didn't make one

yup, which is very convenient