Anybody having trouble accessing

Thanks a lot @cryptoBeliever

yes, because that is a fake FB page of NEm

theyre scamming people using the name of NEM

im new to nimwhere can I get the wallet? i got basic know how about bitcoin

James Ferrari

And here is more complete tutorial:

hi helpdesk, i login successfullie before , i logins agains but now no balance, no nothing show? how la?

look up... Click Node—-> Choose another ServerAlso, make sure you are online in your computer.... See if that helps by chosing another server in the Node—-> Server options....

Who’s admin for NEMberia

This is the Helpdesk, please take these types of comments to @nemberia

I need a bit help with upgrading wallet

There is only universal client v2.4.2

do I need to upgrade at all?

:D I opened a nem after some time, and it shows upgrade on top of it

Its not easy to do anything... here is last realesed version for Windows

but I will deal with it later :D thanks for help

Why do i have pontier:fuck_this_shitcoin_to_the_ground on my nem wallet?

I received it last sept. What should i do?

What is it anyway?

it has a levy attached to it so please don't move it.

it's unfortunate, but the best course of action is to just ignore it.

So you won’t be able to send it to anyone?