Goblin Guide

You need to unzip the file. So go to the downloaded file and chose unzip.

Goblin Guide
I am holding NEM on Trezor and the wallet doesnt open. Any idea ?

First you need extract zip file. So right click on downloaded zip file and extract to some location when you want have your wallet. After that go to extracted catalog and open start.html in browser.

HiI am new in nemInstalled nano walletDeposited xem’sStarted activate for harvestingAfter itLoged outAnd closed the walletNoe i cant find the wallet Windows

From official website


As I understand you are using standalone version and not this one which runs in browser? When you open wallet your wallet is not available to choose in selectbox?

I cant find the walletThis is the iisue

so click on yellow Import Wallet button at login page and choose it


When you go to Login page (click Login in top right corner) you can select existng wallet ("Select wallet" selctbox) or you can import your wlt file backup using "Import" button.

All fine now, thanks

Good luck to NEM! 😉

Reading through the chain. Glad your here to help. NEM is, without a doubt, the most complicated of the crypto’s to use. Really hope you guys work on making it easier to use. It’s a love hate relationship. Still trying to figure out the Harvesting using a Trezor. 😜

How i can get currency on Catapult private network

this is my private node

Please help with the nex error

Rodrigo Quiroz

Looks like some problem with cli. Could you ask your question on Slack on #help channel? There is better support regarding Catapult because more devs are there. Here is invitation linkhttps://join.slack.com/t/nem2/shared_invite/enQtMzY4MDc2NTg0ODgyLWZmZWRiMjViYTVhZjEzOTA0MzUyMTA1NTA5OWQ0MWUzNTA4NjM5OTJhOGViOTBhNjkxYWVhMWRiZDRkOTE0YmU

How I cam test on catapulp private network

Question, does bittrex support the opt in or not? Is there an date announced for the snapshot?

Snapshot date will be known long before. IMO more than month.

Hi guys! I can’t send my nem from yobit to nanowallet( can anybody help me? I’m worry because opt-in starts soon

Yobit wallet has closed to technical works

Igorek Igorek
Hi guys! I can’t send my nem from yobit to nanowallet( can anybody help me? I’m worry because opt-in starts soon

It's up to Yobit when they freeze they wallet. Snapshot is at this moment planned in Q2 so you have some time. Also there will be possible to claim coins 6 years after snapshot date.

Igorek Igorek
On the all markets? Binance, yobit, poloniex etc

Yes. But without guarantee that exchange give you your xyms.

Igorek Igorek
I can get my xym from the nanowallet only or not?

Yes. If you have sent coins to nanowallet, then you will receive XYMs. Some exchange will support XYM and you receive it, some exchange will not support...

In the nano wallet we will have an opt in button in the service section?

Hi how i cant convert timestamp on datatime send example