I has sent my new coin to freewallet. Without a massage nummer. Can you please help me to get my my nem coin back?

Massage i type nem.

Why the fucking wallet provider allows to send without massage code ?

massage code (f0a93dc916e2b93c73d) Sent date 2018/01/05 16:18:53 Amount 500.0 XEM Fees 0.5 XEM Tx ID b865733bc38e1eb91357a9a6d4747745f966e247bdf5f1141472b21b8a1146ce Confirmation 46 Block: 1446031 Hash: b865733bc38e1eb91357a9a6d4747745f966e247bdf5f1141472b21b8a1146ce Sender: nc3bi3-dnmr2p-geoomp-2nkxqg-sakms7-gyrkva-5csz Recipient: nbrt3y-qtvhlt-ybduxh-2hhuri-5kcydw-rwj63y-wigg Amount: 500.000000 Fee: 0.050000 Timestamp: 2018-01-05 07:18:56 Deadline: 2018-01-05 08:18:56 Signature: bfd9941b2fd482337840fceb49d90e0aed924a52f35955b993a2a44a4283aa1cb3dbbc9974a55013514c08793733478ab1e6a3ed042b3f56597

Hi not sure about the message ?? I don’t think I put a massage

Spectrocoin tell me "If you want to receive xem to your accout,you must provide sender with your address and the unique massage below." NDFEFCA5VYRD4P44YGUKPIA5NLRFGPBE3VMD7CCZ with message yHk9EpRG