You need wait until you will have 10k vested to be able start harvesting.

This will automatically?. Do you mean vested balance is it correct?

Sergey Mazur
This will automatically?. Do you mean vested balance is it correct?

Each day 10% of unvested balance change to vested automatically. Vested balance is used only for POI calculation and define if you are able to harvest.

If you have 1k vested and total balance 20k it will take around 7days to reach 10k vested balance. After that you can start harvesting.

I am keeping my NEM wallet open and my computer running 24/7 not just for NEM but for other tokens I am staking. If I just close my NEM wallet and then open it again, is that enough to get any additional harvested blocks showing? What if I want to get additional NEM delegated? Do I close harvesting and then start harvesting again to add additional tokens? Thanks.

You don't need to stop harvesting to add more tokens, they will continually add to your vested balance each day.

sometimes that happens - not sure what you mean by importance score of 39600 -- here is what mine looks like in the nem explorer. look at yours and verify that it is active and her you can see the harvested blocks and harvested fees that I have made. Not much but I also do not hold as much as yours. This has been set up for a while now so again -- not many nem harvested

Adriano HCSilva
Hi, you can start harvesting from desktop wallet only.
First you need 10000 vested (!) xem. If you have already you can follow tutorial:

hi there, my delegated harvesting shows active but i dont see any rewards, i have the required vested balance

Adriano HCSilva
Hey, I wanna know if exists some helpdesk in portuguese, and just some questions...I had the version 2.3.2 of the Nem wallet and I downloaded the version 2.3.4 but still shows up a new version to be downloaded, can I normally do the download?And the last one, about the Harvesting program, you need to pay six XEM coin to start to have recome, but I want to know if I need to keep my 10 thousand XEM and the income is made by the program or if I need to deposit the 10 thousand to get the recome, thank you! for activating harvesting (importance transfer tx) is 0.15XEM (not 6XEM). It was changed in 2017.You need to have >= 10k vested balance on your account. If you will send away and it will be lower than 10k then harvesting will stop. Harvesting is nice bonus but right now it don't give much profits. You can expect 1-2 blocks (average in block couple xem) per month when you have 10-20k vested balance.

I activate delegate account and wait for vested amount but then I still have harvesting as inactive and remote status active. When I try to start delegated harvesting it shows this error

Coin Collector
Do I use the above tool with the old wallet that I am using to access the NEM blockchain for harvesting? OR does that tool take the place of the wallet I was using?

There is no reason to change wallets. Use that tool with your existing wallet that has at least 10000 vested nem. If you change wallets then you would have to wait until you had 10000 nem vested again

is it because vested balance is under 10k?

Pencari Nafkah
is the Android Nem Harvesting feature available in the Android wallet

Hello. In Android NIS1 wallet you can only see harvested blocks. It's not possible to start harvesting.

Hi ,I have 10.5 k Xem in my Nanowallet.Yesterday I used activate the delegated account to start harvesting, but for now my vested balance is 1k from 10k , and i can't start harvesting. What should i do now?😢

Elham Shafeii
Aha thank you🌺In YouTube tutorial that I've seen he told this is gonna take just 6 hours

Activation is 6 hours. Vesting is longer process. Calculator above will tell you when you reach 10k vested balance.

I invested $ 3000 can I withdraw my daily earnings tomorrow

For example i have 10 000 Vested nem balance, when i have Symbol will i have 10 000 vested XYM balance ???

For example i have 10 000 Vested nem balance, when i have Symbol will i have 10 000 vested XYM balance ???

Balance is migrated if you opt-in. Regarding vested balance I'm not 100% sure but IMO it will be 0 so you have to wait to vest it. Will confirm with devs.