If you have around 10k vested one block per month is average

If you have around 10k vested one block per month is average

B4 start the harvest I have more than 10k vested now I see the vested growing but no harvest yet

This is separate company with run this multiwallet. I suggest using official wallet.

We found This freewallet wallet on since I could not install the official wallet installed it, I took a big loan and sold the property , invested everything in NEM , found a trader and bought NEM on the local level . Transferred to the wallet in Freewallet , they asked predstaviti the data I gave them all what they asked for they are not responding ...

Strange, I invested in the project. I bought it on the official exchange. Your team marked tokens. They froze. Together with other means. And I have to go to the police ?? I can give you proof of purchase on the official exchange. And you return my money to me.)

Hello. I can’t find a solution to the following problem: I try to register for the NEM-tool, everything works fine, the message, that I will get a mail shows and then, nothing happens. I tried several different email-addresses. However, it worked once in the very beginning, but after some days, I’ve got a mail, that said “the private key you provided belongs to a non-remote address” and that my subscription has been deleted. But that’s wrong, it is my delegated private key from my active remote address and my harvested balance of xem ist 10’000+. The mail also said, feel free to register again, but yeah... can someone help me?

Keep your browser up to date and you will be fine, but if you have a lot invested, don't be cheap. Buy a lock.

I’ve been harvesting NEM for a while, I have harvested 10 blocks now with next to no reward, is this normal?

I got a question on Delegated Harvesting: I have this activated and it worked until last year. Now the status is still activated. And I have enough staked balance. But no new harvested blocks are coming in. Both the Nano Wallet and the mobile wallet say that delegated harvesting is unlocked. But no blocks are harvested. I have changed the harvesting node in the Nano Wallet to an active one. How can I 100% sure check if delegated harvesting is active?

You need 10k vested balance to bee aligable to POI calculate. It will increase slowly. Here is vested balance calculator:

I will send you 25k. After 5 days you should have more than 10k vested balance. Please send me back after tests.

What happen to my vested ifbi move my nem out of wallet for one week

It means you harvested 2 blocks. It depends on luck how many xem is in each of this block.

M A Noor
apprecaite your response. when i can receive NEM in the harvested blocks

Harvested block is already done (completed) so no more xem in fees will be added there. You will receive ad many as is at moment of harvested.

Cutek Cobain
does that risk losing coin ??? can I take back my coin at any time ??? or is 10000 coin locked for a while ??? please help :)

No. Coins are not locked. You can withdraw all if you like any time. For harvesting you need 10k vested balance. Vested balance calculator can be found here -> Each day 10% from your unvested balance is added to vested. When you withdraw of course it will decrease. Vested balance is used for POI calculation and harvesting.

Hey there, I am trying to start harvesting and already have 10k+ vested, but when trying to activate I get thrown an error: FAILURE_PAST_DEADLINE

you should while you vested balance (Активный баланс) will become 10k xem, everyday 10% of your unvested balance becomes vested

you need 10k vested xem

I have been harvesting for a while now. Just added more XEM to the wallet 4 days ago.. the vested balance is not increasing.. do i need to do something specific.

It will be increased after 1440 blocks (1 day), everyday 10% of unvested become vested

Back in February the highest fee in a block was harvested by an account with just over 10K XEM 1,110.04 in block 1499005, harvester had a vested balance of 10,327

In that month Alice2 also harvested 72 blocks with total fees of 179XEM

Hello. I activated delegated harvesting last night but it is still activating. I mean no vested coins yet. Is this normal?

Jean 😺
How many vested coins do you have. You need at least 10,000 vested coins to harvest

it's actually active now. Vested coins is still over 1k. So i guess i need to wait until 10k vested coins

Yes you need 10,000 vested coins.

can we send the vested coins to other wallets?

but they will appear as unvested for the recipient

Paul Rieger

btw, how much xem is harvested with the minimum 10k coins per month?

I had about 5,000 NEM vested for a number of months, and found out that I needed 10,000 so I added to my holding and went through the steps to vest the new 5,000 so it would be added to the 5,000 that had been vested for a number of months. After pressing the right buttons (hopefully) about 10% was moved over from the new holding of 5,000. But it has been about seven days and no more vesting has taken place. I expected more to be vested by now from the newer deposit of 4,500 that are waiting to be vested. What is going on? Something is not working right. Thanks.


On right side of this view you should be able connect to node and start harvesting. Have you already 10000 xem vested?

At one time I was vested and harvesting

If you don't have min 10000 xem vested balance you can't start harvesting.

Right. But I can’t get 10000 vested because I get the error

You can't start harvesting. Your vested balance will increase. Each day 10% from unvested balance will be added to vested. What's your address if I can ask?

hi there, is there a setting to allow or disallow vested/unvested balances ?

vested balance is only important for POI score calculation.

Newbie Crypto

You must wait to have 10000xem vested.

Here you can check when you will reach 10k vested balance: