Thanks to Lon and u to assist us in nem hong Kong

I am Dr Al Wee from Malaysia

hello Dr Al Wee welcome and nice to see you here...may I know which field in Science please?

Yes I too was in Australia and silicon valley for years

have you made some calculations on the XEM price, what potential price it may reach in 1-2 years time? 😊

Yes our predictive Algorithms estimate nem could be lucrative up to 27 billion usd market cap

Actually I am friends of Stephen Chia and Lon

ohhhhhhh ahh nice nice 😊 nice to meet you Dr Al Wee :) I'm Nelson, one of the Council Member and I do as many things as I can hehehe

Attended Lon original nextmoney event when he presented nem foundation

Wow Nelson great to meet u online

nice to meet you online too and I hope one day we will meet in person :) I shall let you go for now...I have to attend to so many email inquries and prepare for a long day. You have a nice day Dr Al Wee :)

My UK partner Iain and me and another Malaysian Steven beoy met in KL Malaysia for lunch recently to talk about nem activities

OHHHHH wow...... we will do out best Dr Al Wee to build NEM and take it to the next level....

And cu soon in Sydney or kl nem events ok

We will be organizing meetups in HK soon ok

ok please let me know when, we have a and we can make you the NEM Hong Kong organiser :)

Looking forward to make Nem a huge success globallly

Thanks to Lon and you and Stephen Chia ok cu

☺️ So, what'zs next steps

We have several groups working on pilot nem blockchain application or projects in HK and KL

We be bringing more working group members here shortly

Meetups already in planning at our hk partner office soon .

We are using the Meetup platform. Pls keep Jason & Nelson advised on what you want to do, as we hv a format for the meetups & some proposed agendas

Hi all Jason here. Hi @dralwee good to see you here. I'm with NEM now.