#NEM Elections for Council positions happen soon and all NEM members must be registered (with their paid fee of 500 $XEM) by November 9th! Make sure you are a registered member so you can vote! 👊⚖️ Get all the details here👉 https://medium.com/nemofficial/guide-to-the-2018-nem-council-elections-194b2dc2b350 Japanese: http://bit.ly/2P8tqhR Russian: http://bit.ly/2yPxbyH Ukrainian: http://bit.ly/2JGw1d2 Spanish: http://bit.ly/2Djqdpx
Join the official NEM RUSSIA 🇷🇺 community. https://t.me/NemRussiaOfficial
#NEM Elections for Council positions happen soon and all NEM members must be registered (with their paid fee of 500 $XEM) by November 9th! Make sure you are a registered member so you can vote! 👊⚖️ Get all the details here👉 https://medium.com/nemofficial/guide-to-the-2018-nem-council-elections-194b2dc2b350 Japanese: http://bit.ly/2P8tqhR Russian: http://bit.ly/2yPxbyH Ukrainian: http://bit.ly/2JGw1d2 Spanish: http://bit.ly/2Djqdpx Chinese: http://bit.ly/2zs2BdW

Become a #NEM Foundation member now! Help support and accelerate adoption of NEM blockchain technology through leadership and participation. Sign up now!👉 https://nem.io/about/foundation/individual/ Membership is open to all individuals 21 years and up and organizations worldwide (subject to approval).

Good morning Hong Kong. There is time to apply and participate in the Nem elections. Here it is a FAQ to how register for elections. Tomorrow it's the last day for register. https://medium.com/nemofficial/egm-2018-elections-follow-up-faq-9d6a392dd0e1
Being aware of the high level of backwardness in Ukraine, and how far it lags behind the entire civilized world, the civil society activists have taken proactive action and have already begun to build the Decentralized Electronic Self-Government Platform (DEPS) based on the NEM platform blockchain By choosing NEM blockchain as a basis, the project’s creators have shown their dedication to creating a solid system that will not only record all of the important data and processes on the blockchain, but will also automate many public services. Full post below: https://medium.com/@deps.media/e-ukraine-decentralized-electronic-platform-for-self-governance-2575d0060026?fbclid=IwAR3xZp4dLBCotWpC2aNS82Y8YvJcqwgM1UcaQYOTtgL3GsVr4kDiFDI8OEs

Hi from the Tencent Westart. This creative hub provides digital entrepreneurs a gateway to China. Supported by resources from Tencent, K11, and VS MEDIA, the innovative space is strategically located in Hong Kong to empower regional entrepreneurs in digital entertainment with industry knowledge, networking opportunities, resources, and funding to successfully grow their business.

Great news for NEM and Malasya students and Universities!!! The Ministry of Education announced in a press release posted on Twitter Thursday, that alongside the new consortium of six universities, it has launched a blockchain-based system called e-Scroll for the issuance and verification of university degrees. Developed by a team from the International Islamic University (IIUM), the MoE said the system stores the certificate data on the NEM blockchain and provides an online verification "in a few seconds" when a QR code printed on the degree certificate is scanned. Full post below: https://www.coindesk.com/malaysian-government-universities-team-to-put-degrees-on-a-blockchain/
Finally we have our first candidate to the Nem Foundation presidency. Alexandra Tinsman | NEM.io: Hi everyone. I wanted to share an official announcement that I’ll be running for President in the upcoming election. Please feel free to share across social media. Thanks! https://youtu.be/gk4Qay80FZ8
we have our second candidate for council and secretart. . Laura from NEM Thailand. Hi everyone, for those of you who know me, hiya! For those who don’t, I’m Laura, head of NEM Thailand. It’s ok if you haven’t heard of us, we are a very small team. I’d like to take this opportunity-scary as it is, to announce that I will be running for Secretary and Council. Please see my video introduction below and I will be submitting my Policy Documents by the deadline. Thanks for listening. https://youtu.be/buwiCWVnvjc
Another candidate for the presidency. This time Stephen Chia. Actual council member and head of SEA. Stephen Chia | NEM.io: Dear NEMbers : Looking forward to your support for my candidacy for NEM President 2019-2020. https://youtu.be/drn3WhL9O3k
Hi all, I want to announce I'm applying for the elections as a council member. Telegram it's ok to have a conversation but because the time difference and many people here it's easy to lose the track. I'll prefer to answer questions through the forum so everybody can access easily. Hope everybody shows respect to all candidates. Thanks all. https://forum.nem.io/t/trikar-for-nem-foundation-council/20518
nem-library users, the documentation has been moved to https://nemproject.github.io/nem-library-docs/ http://nemlibrary.com will be removed on the following days
Passionate about crypto adoption? Want to see crypto as a payment option in more stores? Then have your say and you could WIN a trip to Australia's first digital currency towns! Over 40 merchants in Agnes Water & the Town of 1770 accept XEM as payment. We're sending one lucky winner to visit these beautiful beachside towns and experience the future of payments firsthand. 💸 Voting is now open via the Twitter link below, but be quick, polling ends in 6 days! https://twitter.com/TravelbyBit/status/1066958293287886848
NEM Partner Highlight: VNX Exchange celebrated signing a new partnership with the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at Le Freeport, Luxembourg. Learn more 👉 http://bit.ly/2ACjyme Join #VNXExchange community: t.me/VNX_Exchange
Having a number of charity projects that organizations hold today, one most common issue they face is transparency of proceeds where funds are distributed. But this can now be easily resolved, all thanks to #CryptoHero — a #NEM-powered project that will allow people get the privilege to know where their funds go. Learn more👉 https://link.medium.com/vrS3YLbfjS About CryptoHero: https://cryptoheroes.team/en.html #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects
NEM has been included as a founding member of the Verified Token Framework and Blockchain Token Association. After an intro from Solo Energy to one of their STO partners, NEM Ventures, NEM Europe and Tech Bureau have been collaborating behind the scenes on how to adopt the chain agnostic approach to Security Tokens. The devs are targetting v1 of Public Catapult release for this and should make us the first to support the approach natively. It is essentially a base set of functional requirements for compliant STOs and we can build on as needed with further working groups and in collaboration with the BTA. It places NEM alongside some big names in the space and as the first non Eth implementation of the approach. There will be further PR over the coming days but this is the first of it. https://medium.com/@verifiedtokenframework/the-millbrook-accord-industry-titans-gather-to-scale-security-token-efforts-7f113dd2a835
GUIDE: Sending KAYA Mosaic token from NEM Nano Wallet to Blocktrade Exchange Wallet https://www.lattice80.com/send-kaya-mosaic-token-nem-wallet-to-exchange-wallet/

In collaboration with NEM Taiwan, AppWorks and SELFPICK, NOIZ hosted a panel discussion at Taiwan Tech Arena this morning, covering the potential of blockchain and how it can be applied to different industries. We were thrilled to have such an engaging crowd! Thank you once again for your support and special thanks for Techstars for making this happen!

“NEM Elections: Voting Guide” by NEM Official (Editors) https://link.medium.com/wRzzV5vqtS
NEM in Action: Beatty Secondary School - Work Attachment Program: youtu.be/QTxMVAxidMo?a
Why I am using Bitcoin to pay my overseas team - by @joe_seunghyun_cho https://www.lattice80.com/why-i-am-using-bitcoin-to-pay-my-overseas-team/
NEM FOUNDATION EGM Voting Guide: A step-by-step process on how eligible members can vote in the 2018 #NEM Foundation #EGM (Elections) 👇 https://medium.com/@nemofficial/nem-foundation-egm-voting-guide-42c2b8bc0653

Important to vote from the desktop wallet (PC, Mac or Linux). Voting from Smartphone is not possible. Please read carefully the instructions in the pinned post. Thanks

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Bitcoin (BTC) vs USD - https://www.lattice80.com/bitcoin-btc-vs-usd/ @joe_seunghyun_cho discusses: 1. Is BTC (or ETH) the right indicator to represent economics in Crypto Market? 2. Why are we even using USD as a denominator to understand Crypto Market?
Hey Nembers! The NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically you can now find a copy of the Voting Guide link here: https://blog.nem.io/nem-foundation-egm-voting-guide/ I will have the Candidate Guide up there shortly as well.