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As surprising experiences go - finding yourself writing an article on Nasdaq.com would be up there.Quite a privilege yesterday - I was asked to give some commentary about 2019 trends in Blockchain/Crypto and more general macro trends for a new article. Turns out they were long enough to create an entire article and was published on Nasdaq.com yesterday. https://new.nasdaq.com/articles/blockchain-isnt-a-silver-bullet-but-adoption-is-on-the-rise-2019-08-05https://twitter.com/NemVentures/status/1158795885649846272

Scusate nem puo essere considerato come jappone x unico?

Io metterei la nazionalità dell'exchange utilizzato se proprio li devi dichiarare

marco michelino
Io metterei la nazionalità dell'exchange utilizzato se proprio li devi dichiarare

Scusa io preferisco la nazione della moneta, cosi nel caso opensorce metto marte o luna😂

Sono stato all agenzia della mafia, "noi guardaiamo solo la 1 pagina la 2 e 3 non e nostra competenza, si rivolga a un commercialista o compili lei", alla fine telefona e spiega 3 punti basa.......non tutto chiaro per via delle fee che pago per compro/vendi loro nn interessa. Fosse x me cosa e crypto, vivo nell lusso e reddito 0, sono carte che non conosco😜

​​Credit Card Fraud is a growing crime that affects millions of people worldwide. This is a disruptive issue that needs serious technological intervention.In this article, we will show you how NEM #Catapult and #IoT can solve this problem. Check it out 👉 here.

Blockchain può convivere con GDPR? Cosa va rivisto

This week the Crypto gamers Web site (the reference for Ethereum games) talk about our “Nem based” football game 😊 and the launch of the new season https://www.cryptoandgamers.com/single-post/KS-Football-is-the-first-game-created-by-KSports-Lab-for-world-Football-fans

Cos'è questo? Interoperabilità tra wallet NEM Racoon e www.fific.jp


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La compagnia di telecomunicazioni indiana JIO lancerà la rete Blockchain per proteggere i dati dei suoi utentihttps://cointelegraph.com/news/indian-telecom-jio-reveals-blockchain-network-for-330-million-customers/amp?__twitter_impression=true
La banca centrale cinese dice che è pronta ad impiegare la Blockchain come moneta digitalehttps://cointelegraph.com/news/chinas-digital-currency-is-ready-central-bank-says
👉🏻 What does the next decade hold for blockchain? Check out my latest article in Cointelegraph as I discuss how a weakened global economy means cryptocurrencies could be a great portfolio diversifier and that more institutions will likely adopt blockchain. https://cointelegraph.com/news/development-on-the-chain-to-promote-off-chain-blockchain-adoption