"NEM’s Proof of Importance is also interesting because it’s designed to be energy efficient and doesn’t require specialist hardware"
Hi everybody! Now you can watch a little teaser videos based on Luxtag's blog posts! Here's our newest Youtube video based on an article titled 'How Can Blockchain Make Education More Accessible?'. Watch the video here:
Dai un'occhiata al Tweet di @Blockchain4inno:
Application contest of Japan's BCCC (Blockchain Collaborative Consortium). Applications using NEM have won awards.

Un'applicazione che si basa sulla Blockchain NEM ha vinto un premio alla competizione giapponese.

​​Repost @mcaballer0Miguel Caballero — CEO [email protected]・・・“Apostille service for (ie) Diplomas with #NEMofficial is soooo easy… Generating first titles of Master Blockchain & IBP with the nanowallet; with SHA3-512 hash function and everything in the mainnet, like”Transaction Detail :
Non si può dire che il management non si stia dando da fare. 😁

La data di oggi coincide con la creazione del primo blocco della Blockchain NEM, chiamato Nemesis.

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Dear Pundians, monthly report of March 2019 is now available! XPOS and XPASS cards will be available in the new countries. NPXS continues being listed on new changes, such as Huobi, Cryptofacil Exchange as well as being one of the 16 default tokens to choose from in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 blockchain wallet. Here’s the INSIDER for you to catch up Pundi X in March 👉
Hi everybody! Check our newest video. Watch Jeff McDonald explaining how LuxTag's solution deters counterfeiting by using NEM blockchain.

Come richiedere assistenza o fare proposte se si vuole condurre un progetto che sfrutta la tecnologia Blockchain di NEM