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okay it was very recent, and BSP was still drafting regulations on it. it surprised us aswell.
e’ve launched the world’s first crypto-friendly airport here in Australia, now help us integrate XEM! You could visit us here and explore Australia using XEM. Voting is now open for the TravelbyBit Community Fund proposal. Check out our initiative and please show your support for the project: To vote YES: Send a 0 XEM transaction to: NB5DY5-PM4EWA-ZPMXSH-QLVXXJ-WD2WVZ-C2SU3V-HDAU —— To Vote No: Send a 0 XEM transaction to: NCPICY-PTX3GH-RXW433-YU7JGB-GO4A3W-VPZJXN-ZSDC Poll address: NALYCSZ5AUN4MZZNPVTPXMAHT7U6RHWIO4AGKYA2
Ho letto comunque che il circuito delle carte di credito costa dal 2% al 3% di commissioni. Un POS di crypto puro, sarebbe molto meno costoso.
NEM Philippines Head Emerson Fonseca @CryptoFonzy during the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit, the first and largest crypto conference in Norther Luzon, hosted by 1Punch Inc…
⭐️ Well this is surprising news. Estonia, the first country that many of us heard about planning to create a national cryptocurrency, is apparently scaling down the project. ⭐️ Identity fraud is a huge issue around the world, especially in this digital age. Can blockchain be part of the solution to solving this problem? ⭐️ Payment gateway, Stripe, has blocked payments of an individual selling suped-up PC's as cryptocurrency mining rigs. ⭐️ MF Official: Central Banks Must Keep Up with Digital and Decentralized Service Economy. ⭐️ No Bull Run in Sight, Investors Target Long-Term Bitcoin Price Rally.

da questo articolo si capisce come, tralasciando l'aspetto societario, il nodo legale iniziale di una ICO è quello di trovare uno stato in cui ci sia una banca che accetta di aprire un conto in cui depositare le contribuzioni.

Hello friends! Fresh news for you! This time - from South Korea, which, by right, can be considered the leader of positive decisions in the field of blockchain in 2018.
il parlamentare repubblicano Goodlatte, capo della commissione giustuzia, dichiara di possedere cripto: bitcoin, bitcoin cash ed ethereum

Il prossimo anno voglio andare in ferie in Venezuela e spendere un po' di Pretro con il mio wallet Nem...alla faccia degli usa...cryptocurrency forever ❤

As being a one of the world’s leading economy, Malaysia will help NEM grow its network and it will also a huge boost for cryptocurrency being backed by an economic power. This visit can turn out to be a good one and might increase the adoption of XEM, specifically around the South East Asia. Full post below:
Maecenas is proud to announce that three major blockchain protocols, NEM, 0x and Makerdao are collaborating to achieve the first auction of a tokenised Picasso masterpiece on our art investment platform. The partnerships will strengthen the fundamentals of Project Phoenix, an unprecedented art transaction which was announced last month by Maecenas along with cryptocurrency exchange Ethershift and computer security expert John McAfee. “The response to our launch announcement was overwhelming and we were delighted that such high-quality companies came forward to partner with us and provide vital elements such to make the auction of a tokenised Picasso painting a success,” Maecenas CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil said.Read the full story here: #picasso #blockchain

#CommunityWantToKnow #Flashmob #ShareCommunity has information that Mr.Misha Granin is responsible for the FAIL of PETRO cryptocurrency project. Community insists that Mr. Granin gives public explanations.#transparency #presumptionofinocence#CommunityWantToKnow #Flashmob #ShareCommunity has information that Mr.Misha Granin is responsible for the FAIL of Kazakhstan Government relations. Community insists that Mr. Granin gives public explanations.#transparency #presumptionofinocence#CommunityWantToKnow #Flashmob #ShareCommunity has information that Mr.Misha Granin is investigated by INTERPOL in different countries. Community insists that Mr. Granin gives public explanations.#transparency #presumptionofinocence

Breaking News: Japanese exchange Coincheck is approved as a registered exchange by FSA. Coincheck lost $500M worth of cryptocurrency due to hacking in Jan 2018.5:12 PM - 11 Jan 2019