The market is GREEN AGAIN! Wohoo! A group called @HouseOfTheBulls , was shared here lately and I did join it! I was super skeptical in the beginning but it seems like they are quite ok! Their calls are so far profitable for me, and they do document everything in on public online spreadsheet! So far I only have seen calls on Binance, and no pump and dump calls actually.
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BTC is getting some traction! Amazing! 5.2K now! Wahoo! I have been following a group which was shared a lot lately - @TheInnerBullCircle - and I was super skeptical at first but actually they give fine calls, they are quite okay actually! They do document all their trades in an online profit sheet. So far I have only seen Binance calls, and no pump and dump shit!

BTC going through the roof! I'm following a group which was shared here a couple days ago - @ChimeraOfBinance ! I was super skeptical at first, since hey it is crypto afterall. But they do give quite good calls, and document everything in an online profitsheet! So far i only have seen calls on Binance and Bitmex - and no pump and dump schemes!

Hello, everyone. My name is zhang meili. I am a bank worker.I will also make some investments in my spare time. If you are interested, you can talk with me

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(돈)토지에 투자해서 돈 벌자(돈)토지의 기본 정보와 추천매물(별)기획부동산 확인방법(별)1. 번지를 정확히 확인 !2. 답사시에 구매 할 토지 확인 !3. 그린벨트 지분투자 주의 !4. 도시계획정보서비스 확인 !5. 토지이용규제정보서비스 확인 !(하트)지분투자 기본원칙(하트)1. 도시개발지구 내 투자(환지개발)2. 신설 역세권지구 내 투자(환지개발)토지투자에 대한 모든 정보토지투자에 대한 기본 정보토지투자 할 때의 노하우토지투자 할 때의 유의할 점링크 누르고 입장 해주세요

지금 원래 자리가 4900 - 5000자리면 반등이 나와줘야되는자리이고 버티고 있기는한데 많이 약해보여서 일단은 당분간 아무런 포지션없이 가는게좋겠음

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