How nice be a member of Korea, Jeff, Thank you so much!

Great. I'll try to get more people in here soon.

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Hello all~ nice to be part of NEM korea

Hi Sunny, We just started this chat today, so hope to get more people in here from Korea.

How nice be hello to you, Sunny! Very nice to get in touch with you!

Thanks, prof. Jeff!

Hehehe that's cool 😊

They were just curious about you. ㅎㅎㅎ

Just scanned some articles from the blog

Was really helpful for me to understand the concept and function of xem thanks

Hi nice to you all~ good source of blockchain industry news in south korea

Korbit bithumb coinone are three major exchange accept krw

But better to use an account for depossit

Hi, I'm foreigner. R u from HCM?

류교수님 Actually, I had a meeting in Seoul and will need to talk to you again soon about the results and get your advice. Maybe we can schedule another meeting where I can come by your office or we meet at Starbucks.

Thanks! Coming Saturday 11:00 ok?

교수님. Please don't mind T. Nguyen. He is just joking.