Jing king’s subsidiary, Secure Data Handling service provider DataPost and Blockchain Security Expert, 5M Holdings have formed a joint venture to launch KeySafeBank, a certified, audible and reliable digital & crypto asset vault. The partnership will leverage on the competitive strength of both owners in secured data handling and blockchain security to create an industry cutting edge digital asset storage solution. The Collaboration & Partnership Signing Ceremony was held at the 2018 Fintech Festival today with partners NEM & PAL Network. https://www.facebook.com/423187094822114/posts/545964442544378/

크립토페스타 와씀니다

오.....일단 고급지네요 ㅋㅋ

Haii! I just found a channel called '' @CredibleCryptoHub '' ! They made a good chunk of money in this bear market, around 110% in just a few weeks! NO PUMP AND DUMP OR HYIP SCHEMES, they only give calls on Binance

저번주에 신라호텔 컨퍼런스 가신분 있으세요?

ㅎㅎ 전 갔다왔습니다

가보고싶었는디 멀어서 못갔음돠~

어땠나요? 후기 보니까 저녁도 주고 가수도 왔다던디 ㅎ


사람도 많고ㅋㅋ


린이랑 매드클라운? 도 오고

규모 엄청 컸어요

내용도 괘안았나요?

BTCC 이야기도 나오고

프로젝트 설명도 듣고

직접 들어보니 훨 재밌네요

다음에 꼭 가보세요

잘하면 앞으로 계속열릴수도 있다던데

저런 대형 컨퍼런스

자주열렸으면 좋겠네요

아쉽네요 ~ 갔었야 했는데

후기 내용보니까 IEO 얘기도 하던데..

머가먼지 잘 ㅋㅋㅋ

+1 이거 무슨뜻이에요?

넴 기반의 카야 토큰이 blocktrade.com에 상장되었습니다.

넴 월렛 가지신 분들은 저에게 메세지 주시면 카야 토큰 에어드랍 물량 나눠드릴 수 있게 하겠습니다.

Jeff *POI Vote Now*
That is nice to see!

Thanks. Jeff =) ICO still runs through this month. We have 52m committed so far (100m hardcap). Will continue to list in 5 more exchanges.

And open more cities to grow with the fintech community =)

Looking forward to collaborating further with NEM.

sounds great! appreciate all your hard work. trust me. I know how much goes into building real businesses. hahaha

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