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https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-team-community-proposal-poi/22183 Last day to vote and help not only NEM Labs developer stay with NEM while their proposal is not approved but also new ones join after approval by core devs.
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Hey! I'm a small crypto investor, I'm fairly new to crypto! But i found a group a while ago @TheGemChimera and they gave a few calls this year and i made a some good bucks on it! So i'm trying to spread the word for them! They only give calls on Binance, and always state why they take a specific call.

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Hey, have a great weekend! I'm fairly new to crypto, and a friend of my told me about a group called @FidelityChimera ! Well, i made my first small profit a few days ago! Not shocking but, well its something lol :-) Anyways, as good gesture I thought I spread the word about them! They do NOT participate neither organise a pump or dump! Only calls on Binance.

Im just spreading the message :/ no harm done.

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A group for people to spam 😊

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