Jeff *I’ll never ask for coins from you*
If anybody is at Shilla, Tutellus is presenting at 11am
On July 20, the CEO of @tutellus, @mcaballer0 will be in Sparkplus Yeoksam in Gangnam with Lon Wong - @ProximaXio Founder & First @NEM's President talking about #Blockchain, #NEM, and more projects. If you're in the city, save the date! CEO @mcaballer0 was interviewed during the Korea Blockchain Week (16-20 July 2018).

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암호화폐(가상화폐) 7월28일 뉴스 정리 [스위스 크립토밸리 협회, "블록체인 규제는 자율규제가 정답"] [신규 탈중앙화 거래소 뉴비트, 사전예약 실시!] [PoW, PoS, DPoS 누구냐 넌!] [비트멕스, 비트코인 거래량 기록 갱신] [코인베이스, 유럽에서 암호화폐 선물 카드 서비스 출시] [블록체인?암호화폐 기반 모빌리티 업체 엠블, 싱가포르 진출] [28일 새벽 비트코인 흐름 잠잠...9월 이슈 주목] [‘150조 보물선’ 신기루인가?] 1. 베일 벗은 보물선의 민낯 [비트코인 7700까지 떨어졌다 8200 반등 롤러코스터 이유는?]
You can now pay with $XEM in the Blockchain Hub! Thanks to Paytomat and NEM Ukraine! Check it out!
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Decrypt Asia Podcast Interview. How LATTICE80 is building (NEM based) KAYA Network, an ecosystem for Fintech and Blockchain.
LuxTag is on Telegram! 📣🎉 We provide blockchain solutions for anti-counterfeit, proof of ownership, track & trace, and business insights. Get all the latest updates on the project and keep personally in contact with the team.
Congratulations NEM Taiwan on launching NEM Blockchain in Taipei!
Malaysia's national budget for 2019 has been announced and NEM has highligthed opportunities for blockchain

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​​⁠The Ministry of Education of Malaysia is setting up a blockchain-based university consortium to combat degree fraud
Jing king’s subsidiary, Secure Data Handling service provider DataPost and Blockchain Security Expert, 5M Holdings have formed a joint venture to launch KeySafeBank, a certified, audible and reliable digital & crypto asset vault. The partnership will leverage on the competitive strength of both owners in secured data handling and blockchain security to create an industry cutting edge digital asset storage solution. The Collaboration & Partnership Signing Ceremony was held at the 2018 Fintech Festival today with partners NEM & PAL Network.
Maecenas is proud to announce that three major blockchain protocols, NEM, 0x and Makerdao are collaborating to achieve the first auction of a tokenised Picasso masterpiece on our art investment platform. The partnerships will strengthen the fundamentals of Project Phoenix, an unprecedented art transaction which was announced last month by Maecenas along with cryptocurrency exchange Ethershift and computer security expert John McAfee. “The response to our launch announcement was overwhelming and we were delighted that such high-quality companies came forward to partner with us and provide vital elements such to make the auction of a tokenised Picasso painting a success,” Maecenas CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil said.Read the full story here: #picasso #blockchain
Unibright, and Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb: Ecosystem Tokenization via #NEM blockchain! Check it out!👇 #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects #blockchain
Check out this quick video about #NEM Blockchain and its Smart Asset System.👇

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