Hello guys, We have new translation of Korean language for main NEM wallet, it would be nice if someone can proof that this translation isn't from google translate: If anyone could do that, please contact me, or @cryptobeliever
Hi everyone, I want to share an interesting fact about NEMWill. The 1st NEM Smart Asset Blockchain enabled Will Writing platform that preserves your crypto and traditional assets. So, support us as we gear up for our NEM Community Fund! Join our channel at and check out our Alpha website

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Jing king’s subsidiary, Secure Data Handling service provider DataPost and Blockchain Security Expert, 5M Holdings have formed a joint venture to launch KeySafeBank, a certified, audible and reliable digital & crypto asset vault. The partnership will leverage on the competitive strength of both owners in secured data handling and blockchain security to create an industry cutting edge digital asset storage solution. The Collaboration & Partnership Signing Ceremony was held at the 2018 Fintech Festival today with partners NEM & PAL Network.

Haii! I just found a channel called '' @CredibleCryptoHub '' ! They made a good chunk of money in this bear market, around 110% in just a few weeks! NO PUMP AND DUMP OR HYIP SCHEMES, they only give calls on Binance

Passionate about crypto adoption? Want to see crypto as a payment option in more stores? Then have your say and you could WIN a trip to Australia's first digital currency towns! Over 40 merchants in Agnes Water & the Town of 1770 accept XEM as payment. We're sending one lucky winner to visit these beautiful beachside towns and experience the future of payments firsthand. 💸Voting is now open via the Twitter link below, but be quick, polling ends in 6 days!
Having a number of charity projects that organizations hold today, one most common issue they face is transparency of proceeds where funds are distributed. But this can now be easily resolved, all thanks to #CryptoHero — a #NEM-powered project that will allow people get the privilege to know where their funds go. Learn more👉 CryptoHero: #NEMprojects
Maecenas is proud to announce that three major blockchain protocols, NEM, 0x and Makerdao are collaborating to achieve the first auction of a tokenised Picasso masterpiece on our art investment platform. The partnerships will strengthen the fundamentals of Project Phoenix, an unprecedented art transaction which was announced last month by Maecenas along with cryptocurrency exchange Ethershift and computer security expert John McAfee. “The response to our launch announcement was overwhelming and we were delighted that such high-quality companies came forward to partner with us and provide vital elements such to make the auction of a tokenised Picasso painting a success,” Maecenas CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil said.Read the full story here: #picasso #blockchain

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Hey! I'm a small crypto investor, I'm fairly new to crypto! But i found a group a while ago @TheGemChimera and they gave a few calls this year and i made a some good bucks on it! So i'm trying to spread the word for them! They only give calls on Binance, and always state why they take a specific call.

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Hey, have a great weekend! I'm fairly new to crypto, and a friend of my told me about a group called @FidelityChimera ! Well, i made my first small profit a few days ago! Not shocking but, well its something lol :-) Anyways, as good gesture I thought I spread the word about them! They do NOT participate neither organise a pump or dump! Only calls on Binance.

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BTC going through the roof! I'm following a group which was shared here a couple days ago - @ChimeraOfBinance ! I was super skeptical at first, since hey it is crypto afterall. But they do give quite good calls, and document everything in an online profitsheet! So far i only have seen calls on Binance and Bitmex - and no pump and dump schemes!

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