Good day NEMbers! As part of the initiatives of the NEM Foundation to have a more effective way of communication, we encourage everyone to move to the official telegram groups of #NEM [email protected] - on topic [email protected] - for price [email protected] - for concerns regarding projects based on [email protected] - for customer support (general and tech queries)@NewsonNEM - NEM updates and [email protected] - for [email protected] - for Japanese @NemRussiaOfficial - for RussianAll Foundation news and updates will be announced on these channels only from April 8, 2019. We appreciate your kind cooperation. Thank You.PS: We will be closing this telegram group in the next 14 days.

This Telegram group has been closed but we’d still love to have you join the community! For #NEM information and updates, please join:@NEMRed - on topic discussion @NEMberia - for price talk