NEM in Action: Beatty Secondary School - Work Attachment Program:
FYI for eligible NEM foundation Members. The step-by-step process on how to vote is now out
Our monthly Enterprise Training is up! Blockchain technology is already turning the financial industry upside down through its disruptive applications, but finance is only the tip of the iceberg. The Blockchain’s true scope is in its ability to change the way you do things every day – like voting, travelling, or going to the doctor.To know more about the limitless potential of Blockchain and how it will power our future,Click this 👉🏻 Registration10:30 Blockchain 10111:30 Break11:45 NEM Use Cases on Blockchain/Q&A12:15 Why you should choose NEM Blockchain 12:30 Lunch13:30 Use case presentation: Proxima XTRACK 1 Business Track13:45 Specific Flow and Use Cases by Industry 14:30 Roundtable: How to solve your industry problems15:00 End of the dayTRACK 2 Developer Track13:30 Technical training (for developers)15:00 Q&A15:00 End of the day
Maecenas tokenises fine art by creating blockchain-based digital shares giving investors the possibility to own fractions of masterpieces and build fine art portfolios. Maecenas aims to be to fine art what NASDAQ is to the stock market.“NEM is one of the pioneer projects in the crypto space. They have fostered a very strong global community who supports and helps the project advance and implement innovative technology features which are superior to other blockchain projects. We at Maecenas are very excited to join the NEM ecosystem, to learn and benefit from their platform and support, and likewise to showcase and share our learnings and expertise within the asset tokenization space with community members worldwide.” — Marcelo García Casil | Founder & CEOFull post below:
I started this and hope that everyone will join POI vote
Friends keep sedning their videos, thank you @rene_b for this one!

You ask for my help - and i give my honest opinion 🙂

📣📣📣Dear all, HIT Foundation, a healthcare project built on the NEM blockchain, is excited to announce that V1 (Android) of our app is now available for downloading and testing.Each user gets 400 HIT tokens when you sign up and onboard our app. Early onboarders get rewarded with more tokens. Please check it out and tell your friends. Give us user feedback to help us improve to serve you better. Thank you for all your support to date!📣📣📣

just as Rene I gave interview to cryptodealers over a month ago and now it’s published just in time

Hey Nembers! The NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically you can now find a copy of the Voting Guide link here: I will have the Candidate Guide up there shortly as well.

@JazzNg Your name has been popping up on my radar a lot lately. Met with Woman On The Block in NYC today. 😁

Poesy 小詩 : interdisciplinary artist

Glad you had a chance to meet the ladies behind WOTB. 👍👍

Hey Nembers! The #NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically, you can now find a copy of the:✅Voting Guide: ✅Candidate Guide:
You can check KAYA (NEM Mosaic Token) price and marketcap info at nomics now.
Blockchain Collective is bullish on NEM and ProximaX 🤗 — 25:05

@poesyliang ... when u are in KL pls let us meet

Have you ever fancied owning an Old Master painting? Now you can, or a share of one at least...Marcelo Garcia Casil, chief executive and co-founder of Maecenas, an online marketplace that will enable art owners to sell shares in their expensive works of art (worth more than $1m) and raise money far more cheaply than they could though a bank.Full post below:

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This thing has been circulating. I’m going to copy my earlier response here.

I just read the post again, my life isn’t in danger. Rene just failed as business partner. And I voted against his wishes.

Maecenas is proud to announce that three major blockchain protocols, NEM, 0x and Makerdao are collaborating to achieve the first auction of a tokenised Picasso masterpiece on our art investment platform. The partnerships will strengthen the fundamentals of Project Phoenix, an unprecedented art transaction which was announced last month by Maecenas along with cryptocurrency exchange Ethershift and computer security expert John McAfee. “The response to our launch announcement was overwhelming and we were delighted that such high-quality companies came forward to partner with us and provide vital elements such to make the auction of a tokenised Picasso painting a success,” Maecenas CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil said.Read the full story here: #picasso #blockchain

I’m divorcing LuxTag because I have reasons not to continue working with Rene and Jeff. This has been going on for months, before I came to the groups to voice out. They finally banned me. I don’t blame them. But I do have something I wanted to say and I said it. Many of you messaged me privately and expressed concerns and friendship. I’m grateful for that. If I ever keep my project on NEM, it will be for you guys.

I will see the election results before I proceed with next steps of migration. My mind has been made up. I reached out to Alex in September before going to USA in October. Then I reached out again before coming to USA in December but I have not received satisfactory attention to talk business with her. In comparison, Stephen and his team has been very available for me no matter how busy they were. I also tried to reach out to Rene but our communications failed even when I was there to help him improve. He thought I was on drugs!!!???? As for Jeff, he’s the good cop all the time, but.. I sometimes wonder if he’s behind all the trolls supporting Alex. I’m voting against the trolls.

Vote against the nasty trolls!! All of you have your moral radar so exercise it and be authentic to your values. This group is my home country, I know all of you are with me.

Pupu Bird
is it okay for totally beginner?

I hope so. Cause I am new too and I already successfully registered

Yes it's fine

Most participants will be beginners.