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Check out this quick video about #NEM Blockchain and its Smart Asset System.👇
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Catapult Bison Update: Bison introduces three key features that set NEM apart from other public blockchains: account properties, Merkle state proofs, and cache state backing to NEM.


Special guest coming NBC tomorrow.PacNEM creatorSharing topics.- intro about distributed ledger- distributed money supply- current applications of DLT- detailed opportunities with DLT- what is NEM - NEM vs NEM2- PacNEM + jungle charity (precise Mosaic & Levy use cases)23 Jan630pm - 8pmGrégory Saive- Software Developer- Speaker & Authorhttps://evias.be you interested, join us ;)

Amazing sharing about nem, catapult and DLT 😁👍

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thanks @evias for the sharing. love what you're doing. keep it up. 💪🏻

This is a public blockchain project,developed in secrecy for over 2 years,costing $20,000,000 Dollars in upfront investments.Born on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin,this is a paramount work of the blockchain industry.This is a glorious fight for Bitcoin distribution rights,the real-life Ready Player One competition.This is a decentralized,global currency,a form of privacy protection which belongs to everyone.On the 24th of January 2019,the official V-Dimension Deep Web Site will go online!We’re going to disrupt the future.We’re going to redefine freedom.

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Our “network freedom” is not as free as we imagined. In the internet, that vast sea of information, there are still many depths that the vast majority of people have not yet ventured into. It is there, that the untouched treasures of V-Dimension lay hidden. This treasure will protect our privacy and safety, bring endless wealth, and finally lead us to a completely new age. With the Deep Web, we can directly visit the official V-Dimension website. On this official Deep Web site, you can get a full grasp on V-Dimension: What is it? What does it do? What can you get from it? And what kind of changes it will bring to the world? Welcome to the official V-Dimension website. Perhaps, you will find the key to open up your future of freedom.The Journey to the Deep Web: Explore V-Dimension

Hello communityToday the bear market, makes a new history. With 411 days in a row.This January many Crypto-Startups have made layoffs and adjustments in their strategies or business models.The faster and the right decisions are made, the better and faster results can be obtained in the new challenges imposed by the Blockchain ecosystem.From the council we are working tirelessly to present the proposal the next few days that elevates the Nem Foundation as an example and will empower all the other actors of the NEM ecosystem.Feel free to ask me any question and I will gladly answer you.

What happens if NEM Foundation cannot get the funding it requires to prevent bankruptcy? What's Plan B?*Foundation

Best question I’ve heard since elections

What happens if NEM Foundation cannot get the funding it requires to prevent bankruptcy? What's Plan B?*Foundation

you mean NEM foundation, worst case is to dissolve NEM foundation. the open source software development will continue as usual

Then.. What is the consequences if NEM Foundation dissolved?

Thanks for sharing

Pedro E. Gutierrez Q.

All - just some context for the above diagram (I created it). It was to try and answer the various questions people have in relation to how the NEM ecosystem is structured. It was done quickly, in about 30 mins after the foundation restructure news created a lot of questions. It is a DRAFT that I shared on the NEM Ventures telegram group. If anyone notices anything wrong then please let me know and I will correct it.I will be publishing it on the NEM Ventures website with a small description of the various components when I get time and will share a link once I have done it.