After all, NEM has quite a good reputation over here in Malaysia 💪

Catapult Tokenomics ProposalAll, the Catapult Tokenomics Proposal has just been released on the Forum for community review, input, questions etc. It is very important that the community provide input and are comfortable with this approach because it will have a fundamental impact on how Catapult runs at launch and for years/decades into the future. Please do take the time to read and comment wherever you can.Translations are on the way and will be updated as available. ✌️

Proud to be featured in The Star ☝️

Laura Takenaka | Foundation

Thanks for all your help from the NEM Foundation side @LauraBKK Without you this would not have been possible
​​The Catapult Branding Team has made significant progress around trademarks. We will move forward with sharing the Catapult Brand Proposal on Thursday, December 19th!
🚨🚨🚨Please beware of this fake NEM FB page (link below)! not "claim" your extra bonus!Do not respond to their messages! You may clarify here if you're unsure about certain information/page/news.We would really appreaciate if you could also help us to report this page so FB will take it down asap. Thank you!🚨🚨🚨 poll:Symbl or Symbol?
Jesyka Hiu
Spotted Luxtag @rene_b

Yes! 😏Happy new year to our friends of the NEM community Malaysia. Thanks for all the support and let’s make 2020 a successful year for all of us!

Let me use this opportunity to invite everybody to check out and become part of the next big Malaysian Blockchain startup with real industry applicability!

Ooops.. I'm sure they're fixing it 😊

Adam Mashrique 比特神教

Thanks Adam, yes when go via HTTPS directly, it comes up nicely. Anyhow, we need to improve the HTTP redirect

Ravi Shanker
Looks great! but needs to be in https so browser doesn't complain "Not Secure" :-)

Problem solved. Was a http redirect matter. @ravishankerp Thanks for pointint this out to us, great to have community support se we can keep improving!

Awesome 😎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Happy new year to everyone here. Sorry for interrupting, but I'd appreciate it if you could help me answer this survey for my research study .... and it would mean the world to me. Thank you so soooo much in advance and have a nice day ☺️

Dear respondent,Previous studies have found that Malaysian ICT industry suffers some percentage of employee turnover. High turnover rate will bring many bad impacts to not only employee him or herself, but also to the employer and our country.Therefore, it is important to study about factors that may influence employees' turnover intention. Here is the provided link which consists of 8 pages and 66 questions. Please spare a few minutes to help me answer ALL questions truthfully and kindly click on the submit button once you have finished answer them all. are an angel. Thank you for saving my lifeSincerely, [email protected]

Hi all. It seems this site is trying to scam nem users. Please be aware this site is nothing to do with nem and is near certainly a scam site. Any site that offers assured profit, stay away from it.

One user already seems to have been caught out by this so everyone stay clear of the above site if you come across it.

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