Here's a bit more info on the e-Scroll system that notarizes and authenticates Malaysian degrees on NEM via Luxtag by the Malaysian Ministry of Education
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This is the Medium article our team wrote today… Video and more photos will be added Monday. It’s weekend after all 😉 Thanks NEM Malaysia for all the support!

NEM at Singapore FinTech 2018Thank you all for visiting our booth ❤
If you ever wondered how to create Mosaics, here's how
Having a number of charity projects that organizations hold today, one most common issue they face is transparency of proceeds where funds are distributed. But this can now be easily resolved, all thanks to #CryptoHero — a #NEM-powered project that will allow people get the privilege to know where their funds go. Learn more👉 CryptoHero: #NEMprojects
Make sure you know who to vote for this coming #NEM Elections 2018! Here's the voting guide👇
FYI for eligible NEM foundation Members. The step-by-step process on how to vote is now out
Maecenas tokenises fine art by creating blockchain-based digital shares giving investors the possibility to own fractions of masterpieces and build fine art portfolios. Maecenas aims to be to fine art what NASDAQ is to the stock market.“NEM is one of the pioneer projects in the crypto space. They have fostered a very strong global community who supports and helps the project advance and implement innovative technology features which are superior to other blockchain projects. We at Maecenas are very excited to join the NEM ecosystem, to learn and benefit from their platform and support, and likewise to showcase and share our learnings and expertise within the asset tokenization space with community members worldwide.” — Marcelo García Casil | Founder & CEOFull post below:
I started this and hope that everyone will join POI vote
Hey Nembers! The NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically you can now find a copy of the Voting Guide link here: I will have the Candidate Guide up there shortly as well.
Hey Nembers! The #NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically, you can now find a copy of the:✅Voting Guide: ✅Candidate Guide:
NEM Ukraine 🇺🇦@NEMUkraineOfficial 2018 Summary. Kudos to the team! 🎉 nice ministerial coverage in the Youtube video, too 🥁🥁🥁
NEM (XEM) on Lykke ExchangeNEM (XEM) will be available on Lykke Exchange in XEM/BTC and XEM/USD pairs. NEM is one of the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market cap and hence, XEM, its native asset, is a constituent of the LyCI crypto index.
​One of the areas of opportunity on how blockchain technology can be adopted in #eCommerce Fulfilment process will be in the real-time, end-to-end tracking of items ordered online and delivered to customers. 👉 Article: (Medium)
Blockchain technology is seen by many of its industry proponents as destined to be THE SOLUTION to the challenges faced by governments and public sector organizations.Check out below article and learn how NEM can be utilized in the government: 👉 Article: (Medium)
BTW - Thanks NEM Foundation for the great media coverage on LuxTag: