NEM Asia including NEM malaysia spending money because they work a lot.

NEM USA / North America spending $45,000 a month being run by Alex alone is indeed CORRUPTION.

Beavis : interdisciplinary ASEAN
Curiouser and curiouser

Listen, Beavis... or whatever name you are hiding behind. I have chosen to keep silent all this while against your personal attacks and baseless accusations and other nonense.Everyone in NEM works hard to move the project and community forward best effort possible. And everyone has their lives outside of NEM and they choose with whom they spent their time with. Yes, in Malaysia.... Chinese New Year gatherings is open invitations to all in the blockchain & crypto community. That includes having healthy social interactions with friends or foe alike, which may have nothing to do with NEM.If you are too Stupid, Racist or Ignorant to see the difference... MAY I SUGGEST YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP and GO GET A LIFE.YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND COWARD HIDING BEHIND YOUR KEYBOARD, and if you are man (if you have even the balls) enough to reveal your real IDENTITY, I will gladly have further interactions with you.In meantime, SHUT THE FUCK UP and DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE to everyone here or in other NEM groups.*Note to all admins:Feel free to BAN me, I am done dealing with assholes like Beavis and his gang.

I have removed the certain posts because the channel should be focused on NEM and we work hard to keep community discussions clean from racism and personal attacks.

Getting lot of new joiners to NEM Malaysia 💪

Thanks for the support NEM and NEM Malaysia 👍👍