so nice ministerial coverage in the Youtube video, too 🥁🥁🥁 Last day to vote and help not only NEM Labs developer stay with NEM while their proposal is not approved but also new ones join after approval by core devs.
Jasmine Ng
Latest NEM Foundation update:

[…] “Confirmation of Jasmine Ng as the CEO of the NEM Blockchain Center and Business Development Director of South East Asia” […] 👍👍

@JazzNg as per the updates will consolidation of telegram channels, will this NEM Malaysia will be continue?

Hi @tanlsf ... you are right, this channel will be no more soon. And we would refer our NEMbers in Malaysia to the various channels for news, updates and engagements.

it is a possibility, but we really want to streamline the groups so that messaging and managing the groups become consistent.

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