Would be great if we could get The Christchurch City Council to use a NEM chain!

I think its worthwhile. Could be a while before they implement it though.

Im trying to find the right people to contact at the Christchurch City Council, if I can find who is in charge of the project, I will pass the details onto Lon and Jeff.

I already briefly talked with Jeff and send him essence

OK, keep me updated. If they are trying to find the right contact person, Ill do some homework next week when everyone is back at work and try and find the right person at the City Council responsible for the project.

At least we can get our leg in the door first if we can give them a trial of the blockchain and demonstrate its abilities, I think they would be impressed.

Imagine in the headlines "NZ's first digital currency issued in Christchurch"

Morning New Zealand!

Ill make a custom link soon

Wow hey all, im new to crypto and have chosen Nem to Vest in, had no idea there would be a Kiwi comunity how cool. Thanks Shaun

Great to find other Kiwis! I thought I was the only one at first!

Haha, yea good to see, all i ever seem to come accross are trolls when looking for info so hopefully this community is a helpful one haha

yeah tons of trolls, we seem to get the least

But the likes of DASH have legimate reasons why they have trolls lol

Yea i have earnt all my coins from Dash nearly, and managed to switch 80% of my coins into Xem only 2 days ago, had a feeling Dash would drop this week and it seems to be, so now my last 20% of Dash is taking a hit, question, is the only way to switch coins to fiat by selling to a buyer for cash or bank transfer currently?

Yes, i believe so. You could open an offshore bank acount and use an exchange into $USD also. BitNZ has closed now, but there is kiwi-coin.com which is an NZ exchange for $NZD. Ill be using them.

TBH, it surprises me how much DASH has been pumped. A masternode was worth over $100K at its peak. Killing myself i did not buy darkcoin when it was cheap. I mined and dumped about $500 worth lol

ah excellent, il look into that. Cheers

Yea, owning a supernode isnt that expensive i see compared to the likes of Dash, If Xem is as good as it sounds then i think Xem is still pretty cheap

Yes it is, and cost of a supernode is half of DASH masternode roughly. The main benefit with XEM is that anyone can harvest with 10K of XEM or more. Might not sound much, but even if you only harvested 1 block a week (or even month), those blocks will contain alot of XEM when our volume and marketcap reaches the billons. Thats why the supernode rewards are currently in place, because it helps keep the network running until the time comes that we have grown significantly to make harvesting worthwhile. And it will be very profitable if 1 XEM is $1 and you earn 100 XEM or more per day.

Yea, i got activated last night for harvesting, but im a little confused about what node i should be set to, i have been to https://nemnodes.org/nodes/ and have set it to an Australian supernode IP, should i have done that you think? lol

:::nelz::: (n3lz0n-NEMTechSupport), [21.03.17 21:02] can you please add @NEMNewsBot :::nelz::: (n3lz0n-NEMTechSupport), [21.03.17 21:02] tnx!

guys need to re-run the tweet for NZL room due to its using the old link. I'll do a scheduled run until the end of this month. https://t.me/NEMNZ thanks!

good afternoon here :)

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