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Seems like we’re on the right track, having chosen NEM as our preferred Blockchain Technology Platform!

Great write up and fantastic to see NEM up there in the top 5

Dave Hodgson
Great write up and fantastic to see NEM up there in the top 5

Yes and im surprised to not see some of the other big "players" mentioned

Most of us Are you?

Yep Maori is great too ... just not a Turkish channel 😜

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so do you live in NZ? Are you wanting to learn more about using NEM?

Sorry this thread is for NZ discussion of NEM

No, sorry. This is a channel about NEM

Posted in the Aus and Nz partners group. This is a really good way of helping on board institutional investment and great news to see NEM included. Please do contribute to the poll as well.These indexes are used by institutions to benchmark their assets and BNC having as part of the Nasdaq feed helps them become part of the asset valuation process of large investment houses that use the rest of the nasdaq benchmarks.

Hey all. Just FYI we launched the XRP index with NASDAQ. $XEM is being scoped as part of next 4 coins we are considering building an index for

Context for the msg above @nzminer 😉

What is this group all about

sorry this channel is for discussion about the NEM blockchain.

As we move forward in the transition and restructuring process of the NEM Foundation, here’s the summary of May 2019 update👇🔹Onboarding Interim ExCo, ‘council invitees’ and advisors🔹Finalizing #NEM Foundation’s Trust structure🔹Evaluation of proposals for NEM SP’s inaugural project🔹Team expansion🔹Wachsman agency to support #Catapult PR🔹Continuous engagements across different industries🔹80% completion of planned tasks of Transformation Team🔹Utilization of NEM public chain for electricity traceability in Japan🔹NEM Blockchain Center links to angel investor networks across Asia🔹Upcoming AMA sessionRead the full article here 👉
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​ICYMI: Minna Denryoku, a Japanese green energy 🌿 company is reducing its carbon footprint with the help of the NEM Blockchain. Please visit their website here 👉 Minna-denryoku, Inc. An interview with the CEO can be found here (in Japanese 🇯🇵):Bringing a new trend to the conservative industry with 'new electricity free trade by electricity'
NEM Crypto Bigger and Better Than Ever & Catapult Coming Soon!Check out the latest interview with The Crypto Lark:
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Just saw an update on LinkedIn. Congtatulations @alexmccall and the @choicetopay team

Fein thanks and you. ?