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Avalon Life announces Green Earth Zero tokens, makes buying less than one square meter of land possible in Costa Rica. #NEMBlockchain

what about LocalBitcoins?

hey team NEM how hard is it to buy bitcoin in NZ jesus and everyone a rip off any advice ?

check out localbitcoins. com maybe you can buy from a real person P2P

trust me.... everyone went thru that phase.. peeps laughing and calling me names for saying Bitcoin or Eth or XEM or NEM etc etc..... saying all these are fake money... LOL

Sweet. Doubt it. I called bnz bank yesterday and the risk and compliance officer had to google Bitcoin

well he knew about Ethereum and Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulus? the author of Mastering Bitcoin? Internet of Money????

There's a regular bitcoin meetup in auckland but i never really went

im not really into bitcoin myself

(PoI) Proof-of-importance (Voting) – “We are in the middle of setting up a voting system that will allow students to vote on what computer hardware we purchase for the school.”

Dear NEM Community, LoyalCoin, powered by NEM Blockchain, is set to launch its token generation event (TGE) on December 11, 2017, with a pre-TGE period starting November 11, 2017. In support of this event, LoyalCoin is launching a bounty program that encourages advocacy, marketing, content creation, and public support endeavors for LoyalCoin. For more info about the bounty program, please visit: Bounty Program.pdf LoyalCoin will grant 100,000 LYL per translated thread and whitepaper on their main BitcoinTalk announcement on a specific language. This should include active moderation of that page and communication with them on what to answer for certain questions. There are subforums for up to 20 languages on BitcoinTalk. Meanwhile, LoyalCoin will grant 50,000 LYL per quality assurance (QA) work for each translated thread. Both thread translation/moderation and QA work shall go on until the date of completion of the TGE. For those who are interested to continue thread moderation and QA work, they can negotiate with LoyalCoin for a special arrangement. For general inquiries, please contact [email protected]. Looking forward to your usual cooperation!

it might be larger, but Cryptopia you can deposit directly into theyre bank account and start trading, no haveing to buy bitcoin through Localcoins ect, then once you have made your money you can withdraw straight back into your acount. huge advantage for kiwis

At the Auckland Bitcoin meetup today. Great vibe!

Kia ora AKL Bitcoin Meetup 🙌 Post your address here for FREE XEMs 👌🎉🎊

Welcome all to the NEM X Choice presentation at the Auckland Bitcoin Meetup, post your NEM address here and we will send though your free XEMs

A big thanks to all of you at bitcoin auckland meetup tonight that sat in on the NEM & Choice presentation 🙌🎉 Great to meet everyone of you✊️ And your XEMs will arrive shortly 😊👌

Hey guys. Just thought I would introduce myself. I met Shaun at the Tauranga bitcoin meetup last night and thought I would check out Nem. I am sure I will have lots of questions so thank you in advance for your patience

but you need to buy bitcoin first from localbitcoins or kiwi-coin

Wouldn't the transaction fees bite if you have to buy it with bitcoins?

Tim Uckun
Transaction costs for other currencies are lower though

Nem fees are only round 0.01% in fiat price but will have to be lowered again as the price rises. Bitcoin has not lowered theirs yet and is crazy high because of the price it is

9 years ago: Satoshi Nakamoto launches the Bitcoin network by creating the "genesis block," the first entry in Bitcoin's global transaction register. It includes the following text: "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks."

ok, i just use bitstamp, send bitcoin there and then withdraw to bank account in NZ Adara today announced it has officially emerged from stealth with an upcoming worldwide exchange of cryptocurrencies, currently in Beta testing. will be shortly launching the exchange as the first component in the company’s intelligent blockchain ecosystem, which enables anyone to easily buy, trade and sell a range of carefully-vetted Alt coins and tokenized services. will offer a zero-fee, high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform providing the opportunity to trade for free and make orders in real-time for all users. As part of a comprehensive trading platform, the Adara Crypto Exchange has already been developed and launched with a worldwide license obtained in the UAE for conducting stock exchange trading in crypto commodities. Olga Petrunina (from left), Jeff McDonald, and Ira Erokhina Key portions of the company’s financial blockchain ecosystem (including tokenization) are powered by the acclaimed NEM scalable platform, which features a line of high-yield investment products combining the reliability of classic instruments with the convenience of digital assets. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. The NEM network can handle 4,000 transactions per second, whereas Bitcoin is only able to handle seven per second. The Adara intelligent blockchain ecosystem will become an early adapter of the new NEM Catapult protocol (used as a means to create the decentralized part of the existing Exchange). The Exchange is also built on the most secure and reliable technologies including Eigentrust ++, a fully-developed reputation and proof of importance system. With a specific emphasis on security, Adara offers both AES-encrypted online and offline cold-storage wallets, including the ultimate in security – optional storage in a Swiss Bank safety deposit box. Adara has fully embraced the power of machine learning algorithms on its crypto trading platform. The symbiosis of the crypto exchange with open analytics and expert community assessments enables Adara’s vetted crypto assets to be traded with maximum efficiency and profit. Adara even allows opt-in margin trading, enabling users to become loan providers and receive interest earnings on their asset deposits. “Adara is an intelligent blockchain financial ecosystem as well as a community for those interested in participating in these new financial markets to obtain financial freedoms,” said Olga Petrunina, co-founder and CEO of “The Adara Financial Platform incorporates all the elements necessary for the real-time investment, exchange and valuation of a wide range of existing cryptocurrencies and new ones backed by physical assets. Our new membership in the NEM Foundation helps to make the Adara platform scalable, robust and fast enough to make that vision a reality and we are very excited to be working with them as we launch.” “I am excited about the Adara project,” said Jeff McDonald, Vice President of the Foundation. “I believe Adara will make it easier for the broader public to participate in carefully-vetted high-yield investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. The NEM blockchain technology is built for enterprise adoption, and Adara is a perfect example of how securely and easily a business can scale using NEM’s open source technology combined with Eigentrust ++ and our Proof of Importance consensus.” Source: Website: Nice video:

Correct me if I'm wrong on terminology. NEM Node = Bitcoin node NEM Supernode = NEM Node with XEM profit share of 70k XEM NEM Harvesting = Bitcoin mining NEM Delegated Harvesting = Getting another NEM Node (typically supernode) to mine on your behalf so you can turn off your mining computer.

Also, it seems the total XEM supply was 4 billion initially ( but now it is 9 billion.

Where do you guys buy bitcoin?

Our partner @BistoxExchange has recently launched its bounty program! Check it out!
Hi all, one of the most exciting developments this week saw Malta's Prime Minister telling the UN that Cryptocurrencies were the 'Inevitable Future of Money'. Marie Huillet had a great write-up of the announcement for Coin Telegraph here. Locally there was no shortage of blockchain and crypto news either. Here is your weekly news digest:   1. US retailing giant announced this week that it would require certain suppliers to use IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust platform, which has been developed by the tech giant over the past 18 months through an alliance with the world’s leading food companies. Victorian business editor for The Australian Damon Kitney reports here: 2. Coinbase is gaining new users at a rate not seen since mid-2017, according to data published by Bitcoin evangelist Alistair Milne. Nuggets News has the scoop here: 3. Queensland blockchain startup TravelbyBit just won a $3.5 million investment from global cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Chris Pash did a great piece on it here: 4. TransferGo is using Ripple to offer 100% free and zero fee transfers. Finder's take on the story is that as one of the few companies able to deliver the solutions that make this possible, Ripple might be in a position to rake in the customers going forwards. The benefits of this new standard will also fall on Stellar and IBM, which are similarly in a position to deliver this solution. 5. The crypto world is going wild for 'stablecoins'. The latest innovation in the fast-moving world of cryptocurrencies is the "stablecoin" – cryptocurrencies pegged to real-world assets such as the dollar or gold. A report from crypto wallet provider Blockchain released this week found that "the number of active stablecoin projects has dramatically increased over the past 12-18 months and more than a dozen project teams have stated they plan to launch in the coming weeks/months". The AFR has more here: 6. Ripple is embarking on a $100 million blockchain and fintech education initiative called Ripple for Good   NEM too had some exciting news this week, announcing a strategic partnership with OATH Protocol, a project building a decentralised public chain-agnostic protocol for helping secure the rights and assets of dApp users:   And while not specifically blockchain/crypto, you might find it interesting to know that RMIT has teamed up with global online education provider Udacity to develop a series of courses on artificial intelligence, including the first online learning module specifically focused on autonomous vehicles. Supratim at The Australian has the exclusive on it here:   Happy reading!
Hi all, what an interesting week it was for blockchain news and developments.   Japanese electronics heavyweight Sony announced it has developed a new blockchain-based digital rights management system that will help manage copyright-related information for digital content. Earlier this week, following on from his recent testimony at the US Senate Committee hearings on Banking, New York University professor and global economist Nouriel Roubini  penned a scathingly critical piece on the limitations of blockchain today and why we are seeing more and more permissioned solutions, an interesting read (see here: We also saw digital currency giant Binance stepping up its expansion into African markets by launching a fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange in Uganda (Story here:   Locally there was no shortage of blockchain and crypto news either, with NSW Land Registry Services announcing it was looking to deploy blockchain technology to develop new services in property transactions. The proof of concept is set to be completed by summer 2019.   Here is your weekly news digest:   1. NSW Land Registry Services has paired up with blockchain technology provider ChromaWay in a proof-of-concept program to develop new services the privatised land titles office can sell. Michael Bleby has the scoop here: 2. James Eyers wrote an excellent preview of Sibos for the AFR this week, looking at one of the key themes it will look to tackle at this year's event in Sydney, trust in an age of decentralised computing. You can read more here: 1. Bitcoin Australia had an excellent piece on IBM's intentions to bring blockchain to the mainstream via its application to the food supply chain. You can find a copy of this feature article here: 2. Identitii, an Australian blockchain company with anti-money laundering applications, is set to launch on the ASX after a successful IPO. Fintech Business has more here: 3. And finally, Mondaq featured a great piece by McCullough Robertson Lawyers in Australia on use cases for distributed ledgers and how blockchain technology has the potential to improve both the delivery of public services and trust within the public sector. Read more here: NEM Australia too had some exciting news this week with the launch of their Blockchain Innovation Hub in Melbourne receiving plenty of positive traction in startup and crypto press. Stephanie Palmer-Derrien wrote the first exclusive on it for Startup Smart and you can find a copy of it here: Our very own Australia Lead Jian Chan was interviewed by The New Daily for some responses to Roubini's remarks on the potential applications of blockchain (see full story here And finally, NEM's partnership with Copyright Bank was highlighted in this great feature piece by FilmInk looking at how the film industry is being disrupted by blockchain (article here:   Happy reading!
The team at Vimba (formerly MyCryptoSaver) have put together a list of places you can pay in crypto in NZ. Its BTC but makes interesting reading and Vimba are looking at working XEM into their platform. I was wondering if we have a similar list for xem, if any accept it, might be a complimentary one to put up for the future.

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Great work fellow Kiwis. Leading the charge at a national government level