​​ICYMI: Podcast interview by Craig Cobb from the TraderCobb with Nem Ventures Director and CoFounder Dave Hodgson.Watch the video 👉 here
​​🚀 THE NEM ECOSYSTEM EXPLAINED 🚀In this video, we will explain how the #NEM Blockchain ecosystem is organized, who the key players are and what they are responsible for. (c) NemEspanolWatch it 👉 here
ICYMI: Want to learn more about the #NEM Catapult Certification offered by Tutellus? Here's an AMA session with CTO Javi Ortiz to answer the FAQs about the course 👨‍💻👩‍💻Watch the video (in Spanish) 👉here
​​📸 In Photos | The #NEM Team with the Far Eastern University (Institute of Technology, Diliman and Alabang) professors during the "Train-the-Trainers" workshop held last July 22-23. Blockchain Elective Course will be soon implemented by FEU (3 branches) on their curriculum. 👏
NEM Tutorial | How to Send and Receive MosaicsHere's a step-by-step guide on how to send and receive a #NEM token, known as #mosaic, using the NEM Wallet. In this tutorial, we used LoyalCoin token. And you can watch the video 📹👉 here
​​Is cryptocurrency more than a financial investment? Let's learn from Jesyka Hiu as she explains blockchain technology and its use cases on August 3, 2019 at the NEM Blockchain Centre Click 👉 here for more info.
​​Winner Announcement: Japanese Translators RFPWe’re delighted to announce the winner of the NEM SP Contract for English-Japanese Translators!🥇Congratulations to Opening Line for winning the bid 🎉Read about the Contract 👉 here.
​​NEM Tutorial | Create Mobile Wallet & Sync to PC. Here’s a video guide made by NemEspanol on how to create #NEM Mobile Wallet and Sync it with your desktop or laptop. 📹Watch the video tutorial (In Spanish) here.
​​Catch Andy Roy Sian and Kar Jin Ong as they speak at the Asia Pacific Supply Chain 4.0 Summit 2019 on August 6-7 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.🇲🇾 The conference will focus on the transformation and innovation strategies. Click 👉 here for more info.
​​LoyalCoin is the flagship project of #Appsolutely, a loyalty and rewards solutions provider in the Philippines.Check out below article and learn what’s the story behind the project and why did they choose #NEM as their platform. Click 👉 here. 🤓
ICYMI: You can now open a #Cryptofacil account for FREE with your $XEM and any of the 250+ listed coins! Click 👉here to get started!🚀
​​📸In Photos | NEM Foundation President Alex Tinsman and Co-Founder Jeff McDonald during the Tech Bureau #mijin seminar in Japan 🇯🇵 held last week.
​​Join us at the Women’s Innovation Forum in Melbourne on August 23!Get empowered with exceptional speakers and learn directly from #NEM Foundation President Alex Tinsman as she speaks about transformational leadership Get your tickets 🎫 now! 🚀
​​ICYMI: CoinDeskjapan features #mijin and #NEM and how these platforms are fulfilling the enterprise needs.Read the full story In Japanese 👉 here
​​NemVentures, the venture capital and investments arm of the #NEM blockchain ecosystem, has recently announced its investment in #IoDLT (Internet of Distributed Ledger Technologies), a B2B blockchain and IoT-based startup. 🚀More info 👉 here.
📢 Partner Highlight | @LuxTag_OfficialLearn more about the #LuxTag story, why they chose #NEM and the upcoming launch of their Papyrus platform in September.Click to learn more 👉 https://link.medium.com/prBFAMuzVY
​​Credit Card Fraud is a growing crime that affects millions of people worldwide. This is a disruptive issue that needs serious technological intervention.In this article, we will show you how NEM #Catapult and #IoT can solve this problem. Check it out 👉 here.
​​ICYMI: Here's the insight of the Tech Bureau #mijin seminar event with the #NEM Foundation held last week in Japan. 🇯🇵 Read the full story In Japanese 👉 here.
​​The world’s largest FinTech festival 2019 edition is back in Singapore on November 11-15, 2019! 🔥 sgfintechfest Explore opportunities and gain access to the latest innovations and developments in the market. Register now! Click 👉 here.
​​The Origins, a #NEM-community funded project, reached its 3rd milestone last month and has been busy working on their prototype. Here's an update on what they've been up to. Check it out 👉 here. 🚀
​​📸In Photos | Train-the-Trainers workshop with the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Official) (PUP) and Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila (LPU) held last July 30-31 on UST campus.
​​📢 Partner Highlight | OriginsLearn more about the #Origins story, why they chose #NEM and what milestone did they completed recently 🚀Click 👉 here to learn more.
​​Join us at the Sabah IT Symposium 2019 on August 19-20 as we discuss the issues and challenges in the industry. NEM Foundation Business Dev representatives Andy Roy Sian and Jesyka Hiu will be one of the speakers of the said event. See you there! 😊Click 👉here to learn more.
​​📸In Photos | The #NEM Team with the iACADEMY Nexus professors during the "Train-the-Trainers" workshop held last July 29 and August 5, 2019. #Blockchain Elective Course will be soon implemented by iAcademy on their curriculum.
⁠The Bimtrazer tool, was presented in Chile, uses NEM (New Economy Movement) blockchain technology for the recording and traceability of the construction sequenceFull story here 👉 https://ct.com/7qdm
​​NEM Tutorial | How to Send and Receive Mosaics (Spanish)Here's a step-by-step guide on how to send and receive a #NEM token, known as #mosaic, using the NEM Wallet. In this tutorial, we used @LoyalCoin.📹Watch the video (In Spanish) here.
​​ALFAcashier's mission is to make money available everywhere in the world and offer quality currency exchange services. It lets you instantly buy, sell or exchange #NEM ($XEM) with other cryptocurrencies, USD or Euro! Click 👉 here to get started.
​​ICYMI: @NemVentures director Dave Hodgson speaks to #NEM’s investments in #Vimba and #IoDLT and how its #Catapult upgrade will accelerate the coming wave of interoperable blockchains Read more 👉 here
​​NEM signed a partnership with Asia Blockchain Review as one of the official content contributors to share and promote blockchain technology. Click 👉 here to know more about ABR. 🚀
​​Magnum is loaded with NEM on Trezor🔐We are proud to be the first multi-currency wallet to support NEM (XEM) on Trezor hardware devices💪You are welcome to try it right now at app.magnumwallet.coIf you are not sure how it works, we have prepared a step-by-step tutorial on How to manage your Trezor wallet using Magnum😉
​​NEM SP New Contract |Catapult-Trezor Wallet IntegrationWe are excited to announce a new contract opportunity under NEM Service Provider! Request-for-Proposal (RFP) for Trezor integration with NEM Catapult is now open! 👉 https://nem.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/4090582Open: 16th of August 12:00 AM UTCClose: 24th of August 12:00 AM UTC📌 Interested? Sign up now!📌 How to register? Click 👉here📌 About NEM SP

Blockchain adoption could be closer than we think. As explained by Dave Hodgson, Director of NemVentures, blockchain isn't a silver bullet but adoption is on the rise. Check out this article to learn why and what are the 2019 trends in crypto spaceRead full story 👉 here.