Lukasz Piotrowski talks Omniaz | Interview with NEM Australia Content Creator_____________
Hey Nembers! The #NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically, you can now find a copy of the:✅Voting Guide: ✅Candidate Guide:
Hey Nembers! The NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically, you can now find a copy of the:✅Voting Guide: ✅Candidate Guide:✅ Watch the voting process here:
#CryptoHeroes project, with the help of #NEM community, have reached their target fund needed to support "Dacha" and build a home to cater the families. A heartfelt "Thank you!" to all #NEMbers for making this project successful! 🎉😊 Read more👇
#NEM was invited to an exclusive event with Sandra Ro, Tomicah Tilleman, and Jim Newsome of Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) last November 27th. Read the full story below👇
The NEM Australia Team (Jian Chan & Raph Fernandez) recently travelled to #Malaysia to visit the NEM Blockchain Centre and meet the team. Read more 👇
​Come to the Blockchain Congress of La Coruña this December 14 and meet Pedro Gutierrez Latam Regional Head. Talking to a Panel of Experts on Legal and Fiscal Aspects ofBlockchain, where he will also be Speaker Teodoro García Egea
ICYMI: The Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) is considered one of the key FinTech conferences in the Southeast Asian region and this year, #NEM had the opportunity to be part of this major event, held at the Singapore Expo. Full story below👇
​Ivan on Tech has a special to join his acadeny for $1 and teaches how to build on NEM.👇☝️
ICYMI: NEM Australia & New Zealand Lead, Dalaney Davis, managed and organized an in-depth bootcamp, focused on #blockchain business opportunities with guest speakers and facilitators from the New Zealand 🇳🇿 blockchain ecosystem. Check it out👇
Crypto Launchpad is revolutionising finance to unlock human potential. With their key values of People, Velocity and Valour, they are working to make an impact in the most exciting and transformative sector today. Learn more how can they benefit the #NEMecosystem👇
Alex Tinsman es la Nueva Presidenta de la Fundación NEMLa Directora de NEM en Norteamérica fue elegida como Presidenta de la Organización descentralizada que coordina nuestra Blockchain. La singular elección ...
NEM in Action: NEM's Second Meetup in Taipei!Watch NEM's Second Meetup in Taipei featuring our new President Alexandra Tinsman. Official Site: Forum: Facebook: ...
Unibright, and Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb: Ecosystem Tokenization via #NEM blockchain! Check it out!👇 #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects #blockchain
Latest news from the #NEM Russia Team: NEM Elections 2018 + Conference Moscow Blockchain Night + Forum Blockchain Life 2018 + CoinDAQ + Charity fundraising for children of Abkhazia. Check it out! 👉
Russian news about the recently concluded #NEM Elections 2018. Check it out!👇
Maecenas is exploring the #NEMecosystem to evaluate the feasibility of using our platform for the tracking of provenance and the tokenization of artworks. At an initial phase, they will start working on integrating $XEM into the #Maecenas platform as a payment method. Kudos to NEM Singapore! 👊
ICYMI: Here’s the video demonstrating the Catapult application the #He3Labs team showed at Consensus NY 2018 back in May. Check it out!👇In May 2018 at the Consensus NY show, He3Labs demonstrated an alpha version of its Threshold SaaS blockchain platform for business. It was the first application to demonstrate NEM’s version 2.0 Catapult blockchain technology – and was built in only a week. The blockchain for business demo featuring He3Labs CTO, Russell Harvey, shows how key NEM blockchain features like aggregate transactions and multisig relationships bring business benefits for everyday applications like financial transactions. He3Labs used an early alpha version of the forthcoming enterprise-ready Threshold SaaS DLT software platform to create the API-driven application and business system interface that offers security, auditability, and transparency.
The Power of Blockchain Ecosystems. More here : 👇
Learn how simple and flexible the #NEM architecture is! Check out the video below👇
​Wishing everyone the gifts of season, peace, joy, hope and good mood.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎈🎊🎆 🎄
EU is Stepping Up Its Blockchain Adoption Game.More here : 👇
Season's Greetings from the NEM Community 2018Wishing everyone the gifts of season, peace, joy, and hope! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ♥ WATCH TILL THE END!!!🎉🎄🎁
NEM in Action: 2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit BaguioLike #NEMPhilippines on facebook: NEM was invited at 2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit Baguio ...
NEM in Action: Singapore FinTech Festival 2018Like #NEMSingapore on facebook: The Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) is considered one of the key FinTech ...
​@ATUMchain is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to provide client-to-client trades without depositing funds in the exchange, and provides clearing of these settlements. Learn more 👉
NEM Ukraine 🇺🇦@NEMUkraineOfficial 2018 Summary. Kudos to the team! 🎉
#Denarii Cash is now official part of the #NEM Ecosystem!🎉 Read the full story below👇
NEM in Action: NEM Taiwan @ Fintech Taipei 2018Like #NEMTaiwan on Facebook: Fintech Taipei 2018 was held last December 7-8, 2018 at the Taipei World Trade ...
NEM in Action: NEM Partners with Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU)Like #NEMPhilippines on Facebook: About Ateneo De Manila University: About ...
ICYMI: Students at Wooranna Park Primary School have used the #NEM blockchain to vote on the allocation of 21BTC to build a STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) Centre.
Happy 1st Anniversary NEM Singapore!Congratulations on the 1st Anniversary NEM Singapore! Let's continue to grow NEM! Looking forward to another great year! Official Site: Forum: ...
latiNEM de Arte y Tecnología VerdeEstuvimos en el CES 2019 apoyando a Noxtak, la empresa de tecnología limpia que usa nuestra Cadena de Bloques para contabilizar su efectividad. Además ...
All criteria for the final milestone of the startup has been completed as @LuxTag_Official launched six projects in five different sectors being apparel, luxury, art, education, and identity — all projects utilizing #NEM. Congrats to the team! 🏆🎉
¿Por qué NEM es invulnerable al Ataque del 51%?En esta emisión de NEM Academia te explicamos cómo funciona el método de más novedoso de estresar las redes Blockchain y por qué la red de NEM está ...
#Bison introduces three key features that will keep #NEM up to date on #DLT (distributed ledger technology) innovations and set NEM apart from other public #blockchains: account properties, Merkle state proofs, and cache state backing to NEM. Read more👇