​​Living Room of Satoshi is a simple and secure way to pay your everyday Australian bills with $Bitcoin and $XEM. Click 👉 here to learn more about the hassle-free transactions. 🚀
​​​​Interesting short interview with NEM Foundation Council Member Steve Li! Why he likes #NEM, what part of #Catapult is exciting for him, and a few fun facts. 🎉 Click here to read the full interview. 👉 https://btcmanager.com/meet-steve-li-council-member-of-the-nem-foundation/
​​Join Karen Cohen, NEM Foundation HR Lead in the last event of Women in Blockchain this year as they discuss current activities and trends in the blockchain space and highlight some great examples of current Enterprise blockchain projects. Click here and join now! 🚀
​​ICYMI: NEM Foundation was one of the exhibitors in the 45th Philippine Business & Expo, the country’s biggest business gathering organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), last Oct 16 and 17.
​​NEM Foundation Council Member Anton Bosenko recently signed an MoC between the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Digital Transformation, Blockchain4Ukraine IPA, Office of Effective Regulation (BRDO), several profile associations including NEM. Click 👉 here to learn more.
​​CREX24 provides a convenient platform that is simple and straightforward for both experienced traders and beginners. Open an account with CREX24 and get your $XEM today! Click 👉 here to start. 🚀
​​Fair, robust, and transparent dispute resolution and governance on the blockchain. OATH Protocol is building a decentralized, standard, and extensible public chain-agnostic protocol that protects dApp users’ rights and assets. Know more about Oath Protocol 👉 here
​​Here's a short interview (French) of the new NEM Foundation CMO, Lewis Farrell. Learn more about his insights on #NEM, #Catapult, his plans and some advice for companies in the #blockchain space. Click here to learn more.
​​Please welcome our new Chief Financial Officer Lei Dong! Lei is based in Melbourne and was formerly the Financial Controller at Huobi Australia. He brings over 15 years of professional finance experience and we’re excited to have him onboard! 🎉
​​​​(Ukranian) Here's another Cryptodealers episode featuring the latest #NEM Foundation October Tech Update. Click here to watch.
​​Listen to NEM Foundation Vice President Jason Lee, now featured in ChainTalk's new Podcast episode!#NEM Recovery and resurgenceGrowing a #Developer community #Decentralized #Enterprise + much more. Listen here.
​​After years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency, Cryptowolf was released to flip the tables once and for all in the way exchange takes place. Making $XEM and other cyrptocurrencyt available. Click 👉 here and get yours now!
​​ICYMI: Last October 7, 2019, NEM Business Development Manager, Mr. Julius Fresco, discussed the Blockchain 101 and NEM Blockchain 101 in the Consultation Workshop organized by Seamo Innotech regarding the Joint Graduate Diploma Program (JGDP). The workshop was attended by Presidents and Deans of different university partners of Seameo Innotech.
​​ICYMI: Read how FullBlock Solutions team explains the importance of a “Catapult framework” - an onboarding funnel for the diverse problems owners/potential users of NEM. Click 👉 here
​​​​NEM Foundation Council Member Jeff McDonald has been nominated for a Decentralized People Award for Leadership & NEM for Scalability! The voting period is until October 31, 2019. Click here & vote now!
​​You can share your NanoWallet-created #Apostille with the public through #OpenApostille, a service with which you can share your blockchain-notarized file. Make your ideas, thoughts, illustrations, or whatever you put into Apostille known to everyone! Click 👉 here earn how!
​​Interesting short interview with NEM Foundation Council Member Anton Bosenko Why he likes #NEM, what part of #Catapult is exciting for him, and a few fun facts. 🎉 Click here to read the full interview.
​​Tutellus organized a Developer's event with Google and a NEM technical workshop! Join them at DevFest Alicante on November 16, 2019 at the Hall events Aulario II UA.
​​Learn how Catapult's enhanced security and unique features can combat rising cyber attacks and theft of health care data using blockchain technology. Read here.
​​Exrates aims to make trading accessible for everyone and provide all the tools needed. Click 👉 here to buy $XEM, BTC and 200 more cryptocurrency and start trading now with Exrates!💲
​​ICYMI: NEM Foundation Council Member Pedro Gutiérrez discussed #Catapult and the evolution of the #Blockchain during the 6th International Conference of Advanced Engineering at the Central University of #Colombia. More info here
​​ICYMI: See the great Solo art exhibition "A Thousand of F" by " #harvestale " from Japan. Each time they receive a tip in XEM, they create an app that draws up to 1000 frames of animation and has an exhibition where displays original drawings in Tokyo now.
New #Catapult Migration updates are now up! Take a look at what the Migration Committee's been up to recently and the progress made since the last update. Update 3 (Revised Recommendation): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3Update 3.1 (Opt-Out vs Opt-In): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3-1Update 3.2 (Post Launch Opt-In): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3-2Update 3.3 (Multisignature Accounts): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3-3
​​Read the latest Press Release from Tech Bureau Holdings on its collaboration with Gifu University for Dental Pulp stem cells. Great News!
​​PacNEM is a modern classic game. Play PacMan like never before! This game store Game Credits and High Scores on the blockchain. Click 👉 here to start playing 🎮
​​ICYMI: LuxTag officially launches Papyrus, an asset-tagging platform which enables users to independently create digital certificates of their valuable items and products on the blockchain. Learn more about Papyrus: hereWatch their promo video: here
​​The FIX Network can utilize and leverage the existing cellular infrastructure for blockchain security. They achieve this by utilizing a new blockchain-based security protocol. NEM is proud to be a collaborative partner of this wonderful project. 🚀
​​What has #IoDLT been doing lately? Read the latest October Update!
​​Freewallet is a digital currency wallet with a built-in exchange for web, iOS, and Android devices. This is the perfect place to send, store and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. Click here and choose your Freewallet now!
​​Interesting short interview with NEM Foundation Head Developer Gregory Saive. Why he likes #NEM, what part of #Catapult is exciting for him, and a few fun facts. 🎉 Click here to read the full interview.
​​CopyrightBank is a copyright registration and verification platform for digital works, powered by the #NEM Blockchain platform. Verification is as easy as uploading the digital work together with the Certificate of Registration. Click 👉 here to learn more!
​​NEM Foundation Business Development Director, Leroy Mah will be speaking at The Star SME Thought Leadership 2019 on 21st November (Thursday), Menara Star. Register here
NEM Studios team had a busy month. See the highlights of their development team. 🚀
➡️ Hi NEM Community! The Catapult migration committee is looking to hear your thoughts on branding for Catapult🖊 Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYakx7m1yEe15Zcxm1mtut_LP5L-1Q94K8Ijm-B0n_z4nx2Q/viewform
​​Godex is an international platform for fast, anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, with a low transaction fee. It will help you to exchange your $XEM, BTC, XRP along with other cryptocurrencies on-the-fly! Click 👉 here to get started! 🚀
​​Few days left before the SG FinTech Fest! 🚀Hurry up! Reserve your seats before it's too late! Click 👉here.
​​ICYMI: Congratulations to i2M Ventures Sdn. Bhd. for successfully launching Blockchain Village at Medini (BVAM)! NEM is honored to be part of this initiative and excited to grow the ecosystem hand in hand with the team and like-minded people.
This one is a modern classic game. Play Pacman like never before! This game store Game Credits and High Scores on the blockchain. Click here to start playing. 🎮
​​ICYMI: NEM recently signed a partnership with Multimedia University (MMU) to power MMU’s blockchain education, adoption as well as all related activities on campus. Click here for more.
​​PAL Network empowers its partners to cross-sell relevant B2C and B2B insurance products at the point-of-demand, thereby bridging the gap between financial products and customers. NEM-based projects will be able to purchase insurance with PAL tokens! Click 👉 here to know more about PAL Network.
​​Kaede Takenaka, owner of Kidletcoin was one of the panelists in the recent Preparing Our New Generation for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet held in Centara Grand, Bangkok. With more than 15,000 attendees & more than 400 speakers from different countries.
​​NEM Foundation Secretary Laura Takenaka and Kidletcoin CEO, Kaede Takenaka was present in the recent 0110 Thailand Tech Festival. They discussed blockchain & how to encourage the young generation to be involved in the blockchain era.
​​Want to better understand the two Catapult Migration options - Opt-In vs. Opt-Out? See this video from Lewis our CMO, to learn more.
​​HitBTC is the most reliable, fast and powerful platform solution on the market, created by outstanding technical minds, high-level finance professionals and experienced traders, 🚀 Click here to get your $XEM now and get started.💲
​​ICYMI: Kristof Van De Reck (Chair, Blockchain for Europe) was present in the 8th Annual EU Financial Regulation Conference as a speaker to talk about the Digitalisation of Europe’s financial services – opportunities and challenges.
​​Interesting short interview with NEM Foundation Treasurer Dona Rinon. Why she likes #NEM, what part of #Catapult is exciting for him, and a few fun facts. 🎉 Click here to read the full interview.
​​In Malaysia, #NEM and IBM representatives discussed enterprise use cases and the future of Blockchain technology at the Universiti Kebangsaan's Blockchain Talks - September series.Click 👉 here to see more.
ICYMI: What has NEM Studios been up to lately? Click here to know more!
​​RHOVIT is an entertainment platform that lets users earn money to purchase content and allows providers to keep 100% of their profit plus earn tokens to promote themselves. It utilizes the great blockchain technology that #NEM has built to make RHOVIT a top destination for content providers. Learn more 👉 here and visit their website 👉here