​​The Catapult Branding Team has made significant progress around trademarks. We will move forward with sharing the Catapult Brand Proposal on Thursday, December 19th!
​​After significant work, the Catapult Brand Steering Committee has reached an agreement on a proposal. There will be a non-binding POI yes/no vote on the combined items summarized below:-Brand Name-Brand Logo and Icon-Brand Ticker-Brand IdentityMore info: here
​​ICYMI: Here's the second part of the multi-part series of NEM Ventures updates, outlining recent news and progress. This will also act as a reiteration of NEM Ventures’ purpose and vision. NEM Ventures will also use this opportunity to respond to community questions.
​​Asta Solutions (partner of NEM) plans to use its start-up project, Day by Day, on Catapult. Day by Day's platform assists in reducing the risk of underinsurance and streamlines the claims process with easily accessed proof of ownership.
​​Korean ICYMI: NEM won an award for the Best Mainnet Blockchian Platform for Scalability and Jeff McDonald won as the Best Leader in Blockchain in the recent Decentralized Awards People's Awards 2019!
​​ICYMI: In the Blockchain Mainnet Platform category, NEM won for Extensibility (Scaling) and Council Member Jeff McDonald as the Blockchain Industry's Best Leader in the recent Decentralized People's Awards 2019 held in Korea.
​​“In the near term, more projects will probably use private to learn the onboarding process and use that first, adopting public blockchains where appropriate or required.” - NEM Foundation CTO Nate D’Amico.📌Read more
​​ICYMI: NEM Business Development Manager, Sasha Ivanova, was recently interviewed by Agora Magazine about the application of NEM blockchian for Intellectual Property.
ICYMI: Learn about the NEM Ventures structure and why it has been set up in this way, including the jurisdiction selected.