​​​NEM.io Foundation President Alex Tinsman @DyNEMite being featured on JP 🇯🇵 @Cointelegraph as one of the experts in the crypto space. More here : https://jp.cointelegraph.com/50-crypto-experts-analysis-and-outlook-on-cryptocurrency-and-bitcoin-markets-for-2019
NEM in Action: Jeff McDonald visits Ateneo De Manila UniversityPlease Like: https://www.facebook.com/NEMPilipinas https://www.facebook.com/amberlab.ateneo #NEMPhilippines in partnership with #AMBERLab ...https://youtube.com/watch?v=1Y0mvy_nXCU
¡Stratum, empoderada con NEM!Nuestra tecnología sigue expandiéndose a más comunidades. Ahora Stratum, plataforma de criptoservicios basada en Brasil, acepta XEM en su intercambio y ...https://youtube.com/watch?v=c80btgTv2hI
NEM FOUNDATION UPDATEWe would like to emphasise that every single one of you as part of the community play an important role in the progress of #NEM Foundation. We exist to serve and support the community.With the new leadership, there will be a few changes which will put us on a more focused path.1. Focus on Catapult, Governance and Sustainability2. Change in the NEM Foundation structure3. Commitment towards high standardsRead the full post here👇http://bit.ly/nem-foundation-update-jan-2019
​The NEM Bootcamp in Japan on January 20 was a half-day seminar that included a keynote by Microsoft evangelist, Motoaki Nishiwaki, and a talk by Madam President, Alexandra Tinsman, on Japan’s role in the future success of NEM.

Why did @VNX_Exchange choose #NEM? Check it out! 👇

Hey everyone 👋🏻In 5 minutes we'll be launching a little introduction to our blockchain partners, NEM. Over the next 2 days there will be a series of posts explaining who they are and what they do. Stay tuned and you'll discover something new about the 16th largest cryptocurrency in the world 🙃

¡Catapult Bison tiene con qué!La actualización de NEM tiene tres atributos clave que mantendrán la competitividad de esta Blockchain: Propiedades de cuenta, Pruebas de estado de Merkle ...https://youtube.com/watch?v=ojCmozyoAPQ
​​​4) How to create your own cryptocurrency on NEM Download → NEM Nano Wallet → Send 115 XEM → Create Namespace (blockchain domain) → Create a Mosaic (cryptocurrency) → Select Mosaic Transfer → Send and receive your new cryptocurrency freely → Celebrate & repeat
NEM in Action: NEM partners with Lyceum of The Philippines University (LPU)Like #NEMSEAsia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEMSEAsia/ https://www.facebook.com/NEMPilipinas NEM Foundation partners with Lyceum of The ...https://youtube.com/watch?v=epCprn5tiUY
¿Cuándo es el cumpleaños de NEM?Como todo proyecto complejo, nuestra Blockchain tiene varios momentos que podemos llamar "de nacimiento". Te hablamos de ellos en esta emisión, así ...https://youtube.com/watch?v=PsoWj7XHE3E
​10) A message from @alextinsman .“I stand tall today because others contributed and sacrificed to work toward a shared goal to create something bigger than themselves...Thank you, @nem.io community.” 🙏🏻.Well, we thank YOU, Alexandra. Let’s keep turning code into a movement 🧡
A RESPONSE TO QUESTIONS AND ANTICIPATED QUESTIONSDear Community,To ensure that we continue to promote transparency; below is an update on questions and anticipated question from the media that we would like to publish to provide clarity to the community.- NEM.io Foundation https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-foundation-update-a-response-to-questions-and-anticipated-questions/21776
Here’s The Crypto Lark’s take on #NEM Foundation FUD👇https://youtu.be/ehAfHQoFLWg
¡La Nueva Fundación NEM espera por tu voto!https://youtube.com/watch?v=tXuY7TRwaaI

#NEMPhilippines together with Klim Geran, Head of #NEMRussia and FMT Group is going to collaborate for the Blockchain Education that NEM Philippines has been doing ever since to push #NEMBlockchain adoption.___________________________...#alexandratinsman #alextinsman #emersonfonseca #klimgeran #nem #xem #usa #it #uk #japan #russia #cryptocurrency #crypto #philippines #blockchainwallet #nemfoundation #NEMbers #cryptocoin #altcoins #altcoin #altcoins #investing #bitcoin #digitalcurrency #satoshinakamoto #followme #world @freemarkettokenofficial

Hello cow! 🐮 Here’s the much awaited NEM #Catapult server update! https://github.com/nemtech/catapult-server/commit/18129e864e2f4e6633aa1db1b8245d6eb6cc6478
https://youtu.be/a_mxY-M4LJM Презентация : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRq9Hii8V7N577nhoFZcG77JRDIGZSEn95GY0fx762UVzOaNnvnXuvudNDx76le9psl4HBCluKn0UOp/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=5000
NEM in Action: NEM Philippines' First Developers WorkshopLike NEM Philippines on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEMPilipinas STI College Marikina x NEM: Developers Workshop is the first 2-day developers ...https://youtube.com/watch?v=pR_NSpTz6Ic
Joint Statement by NEM Foundation and NEM LabsAfter careful consideration, NEM Foundation and NEM Labs would like to affirm the below statements:✅ Proposals are both complementary in natureBoth parties jointly acknowledge that the proposals put forth to the community are complementary in nature. The proposals can be accomplished in such a way that it improves the outcomes that are being sought after - the development, launch and adoption of Catapult.✅ Principles of co-operation collaboration Both parties will work as independent contributors to the ecosystem but in a unified approach. This means that if both proposals are approved, the main commitment is to contribute to the Project Management Committee (PMC). As an additional measure, there will be regular joint strategic meetings in working towards full alignment across both entities to prevent ineffective use of resources. In fact, the execution of each party’s proposal will lead to an enhancement of each other’s effort through the principles of cooperation and collaboration.✅ Pursuit of CatapultBoth parties have their own scope, though we will be working towards the same objective - a promise to the community that our mission-critical priority is in the launch of Catapult. Both NEM Foundation and NEM Labs will work together to accomplish this as part of the same ecosystem.SummaryThe past days have shown that the NEM community demands purpose driven entities that can deliver results in a cost-effective way. Both NEM Foundation and NEM Labs have different scopes that complement each other. The reality is that the adoption of NEM is not the work of a single entity. Proven ecosystems all consist of multiple purpose driven entities that solve specific problems. We are convinced of a future where independent entities like NEM Foundation and NEM Labs solve specific problems for the NEM ecosystem in a unified approach.We appreciate that the community review the proposals and vote in an informed manner:Link to NEM Foundation proposal: https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-foundation-funding-proposal-2019/Link to NEM Labs proposal:https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-labs-community-proposal-poi/