We are working on strategy for USA and have recently brought in senior talent (in USA) to help.

I'm strange.American is native speakers of English and you can learn more about NEM than Japanese. However, few people make study groups and applications.

Hi New to the group here. Just curious if anyone knows when new membership will be resumed?


Thank you for this information. Its certainly progress. I suggest you also post this type of information over on your Reddit page to keep everyone possible informed. One question please on the new Catapult token. My guess is that the Catapult token will not be compatible with existing XEM wallets. As such a new batch of totally new wallets will need to be developed and distributed. Is that correct ? Thanks again.

👁 https://forum.nem.io/t/catapult-nis1-tokenomics-public-proposal/23660 Please check out and also share the Catapult + NIS1 Tokenomics Public Proposal. Note: Japanese community - there is currently a Google Translate version until a better Japanese version is available. Specifically worth looking at is a time-series economic simulation model for Catapult for the community to test out: https://tokenomicslabs.shinyapps.io/Catapult/