⚠️ ⚠️ Test Network Updates ⚠️ ⚠️ The 0.9.3.x version of the test network is ready for public use. Similar to previous version updates older version will start to be shut down incrementally giving people a chance to migrate their testing and development efforts during a convenient window of time.NOTE: for those upgrading their applications to work on the latest 0.9.3.x line, make sure to upgrade to the latest sdk(s) as there are breaking changes from the previous version.NOTE: for those that have been running test network nodes you can follow similar steps in upgrading your service, the latest has been pushed to the repo: https://github.com/nemfoundation/symbol-testnet-bootstrapIf you are new to testing and would like to participate in the test network you can follow the documentation here:https://nemtech.github.io/guides/network/running-a-test-net-node.htmlThanks again for all who participate in testing efforts, lets the team know of any issues as you start to use the new 0.9.3.x version.
Hi all, migration committee just put a proposal up to start looking at what happens with NIS1 after Symbol launch, a few suggested changes to help ensure its longevity and ability for community to continue getting more involved in its direction, please put any comments into the doc or the forum posthttps://forum.nem.io/t/symbol-launch-nis1-future-strategy-recommendation
Re-energising the #NEM Community!We want to hear from you, and would like to explore and discuss what our #community wants and how we can improve community experiences. Please complete the questionnaire via the link below by Friday 19th June 2020 @ 14.00 GMT.Read forum post hereParticipate in survey (EN) here