you guys are now OGs haha

@grumpymac or @g_desai either of you want to be admins?

Oh I just saw your other thread. This seems low effort. I'll do it

I don't even know what an admin in TG does. Add or remove people mainly?

That's what Clayton said on the other thread. We basically boot people that are obnoxious, or those bots that shill coins

Yup. Just saw that. I'm down. Let's do it.

We should boot @solix78 just for giggles

Welcome where is everyone from?

Why is everyone in cryptos from Flordia?

Florida here, lol

something about the latitude

Never heard of Crypto. Only Digital Currency here..

near west palm beach

wow, very close then, lol

When I talked to the old school Bitcoiners, like circa 2013, they were all from Florida

what sort of stuff you guys got going on down there?

This is the new wave Bitcoin 3.0

If you go to conferences you surely have run in to Joshua Unseth and Chris DeRose

ah, probably for the best.

Just took a personal liking to NEM, and own ETH long term

Like the no hype of NEM, and it's long term potential.

Bought bitcoin a few years ago..but traded out. I probably should have held. I owned litecoin back then also.

How long have you all been involved in NEM?

Yeah, but it's about time they started some hype, even if it's hype targetted at the enterprise.

Otherwise ETH will eat everyone's lunch and it doesn't deserve to at all.

about 9 months ago with NEM, been in BTC since the pre-$1 days

yeah, we could use a little excitement, I think not so much hype. Better marketing

I used to talk to Utopian Future so been here since the start hehe.

Yeah a better way to put it.

Wow impressive Shawn. Where you able to hold some

I might be the only person in here that actually was on the mailing list for my stkae.

So you guys are all veterans, intial stakeholder?

@kodaxx has been here a long time.

I got involved late february.

I'm the big dog on nem, woof woof