In order for Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) Government of Dubai to be aligned with the UAE Blockchain 2021 strategy, they developed solutions to be used within their organization utilizing the NEM Blockchain Technology which includes public notarizations, voting and registry. Full post below:
The NEM blockchain’s scalability, security and ease of integration has proven to be one of the most successful blockchain technologies. We are excited to be part of the NEM Ecosystem, collaborating in closer partnership to drive growth and use of NEM in the tokenised economy. — Davy Goh CEO Full post below:
The Ministry of Community Development of the United Arab Emirates have started testing and released their version of a notarized document using #Apostille on the #NEM testnet environment 🚀
2018 NEM Elections Guide (FAQ + TUTORIAL) Everything You Need To Know To Participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The NEM Council Elections happen on Dec 7th, 2018! Here's a ...

This is the Medium post that goes step-by-step into the elections process and also the NEM membership process.

⚠️⚠️ Since we received some questions regarding campaigning for the elections I wanted to share some opinions. Some people have suggested to set some basic rules for campaigning but since it will be practically impossible to enforce those rules I’m of the opinion it’s better not to interfere. I would however stress to any of the candidates that it’s important to focus on ethical behaviour and act for the benefit of NEM and the NEM Foundation in the first place. Let’s make sure this election is about content and substance rather than a cheap popularity contest; in the end it’s important for the reputation of the NEM Foundation to have the elections take place in a professional manner! If things would start to get out of hand we may revise the open approach and take appropriate measures if needed.

Hi, Is there any telegram trading group about XEM?

Hi. For NEM membership renewal, has anyone use Agrello yet? There are only two option when the Agrello KYC app comes up. Enter 6 digit code or scan QR. Neither of the two option got me anywhere. Does this work in the US?

So I randomly put in a six digit number. It says invalid.

Unless you are talking about the one that they email you.

The code for the Key, you have to create. But when you first sign up, they email you a code for email verification.

Oh. Sign up with Agrello elsewhere first? Where? What URL to sign up?

Does the Apple iPhone version work at all? Is that the issue?

You can do it all through the app, it should first ask for your name & email address. So in all there are three codes. The first one they send you via email to verify it, the next two(a 4 digit Key code & a 6 digit Key code) you create after email verification.

None of what you described is showing up on my phone. The photo I sent is what I get.

Also, make sure you have the AgrelloID app & not the other one.

I think there are two apps on line. duh!

Yea, it’s the ID one, oddly not the KYC one.😊

That worked. Thanks.

How many sub-namespace can use inside a sub-namespace Root=namespace Root.2018 =sub-namespace Root.2018.januay= sub,sub namespace And so on

#NEM Elections for Council positions happen soon and all NEM members must be registered (with their paid fee of 500 $XEM) by November 9th! Make sure you are a registered member so you can vote! 👊⚖️ Get all the details here👉 Japanese: Russian: Ukrainian: Spanish: Chinese:

There is a developer channel?

Become a #NEM Foundation member now! Help support and accelerate adoption of NEM blockchain technology through leadership and participation. Sign up now!👉 Membership is open to all individuals 21 years and up and organizations worldwide (subject to approval).

@tongokongo, AKA Nem with Tony, will be hosting an AMA on r/NEM in an hour. If you have any questions regarding NEM, head on over to the subreddit to ask Tony!

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@matthewkim93 is there any problem on my end that I can't see the question on reddit, it's a good question 👍

Being aware of the high level of backwardness in Ukraine, and how far it lags behind the entire civilized world, the civil society activists have taken proactive action and have already begun to build the Decentralized Electronic Self-Government Platform (DEPS) based on the NEM platform blockchain By choosing NEM blockchain as a basis, the project’s creators have shown their dedication to creating a solid system that will not only record all of the important data and processes on the blockchain, but will also automate many public services. Full post below: