Shaun Belcher
Wow this could be huge

Yes! UAE, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia!!! Trying our best to get the attention of government here in Singapore too 🤗

Dimcoin launching impressive joint venture with GMEX/MINDEX to launch HYBSE International in Maritius. Can't post link here. Check out there social media channels, or the article in Cointelegraph

Friendly reminder: Last day to sign up for memberships to be eligible to vote in 2018 elections. Nov 9 KYC and fees are due!

Nonetheless NEM should probably be pushing this news. Dimcoin mentions NEM throughout their ecosystem, and is really on the verge of something big here. The amount of traffic and exposure this would bring to NEM blockchain is huge.

Hi all, Jacob here from Blockheads TV. We have just recorded a fireside chat with Jason and Karen at the Blockchain Centre in light of the NEM elections. I’ve registered as a member and looking forward to participate in the NEM elections Watch it here:
The Ministry of Education announced in a press release posted on Twitter Thursday, that alongside the new consortium of six universities, it has launched a blockchain-based system called e-Scroll for the issuance and verification of university degrees. Developed by a team from the International Islamic University (IIUM), the MoE said the system stores the certificate data on the NEM blockchain and provides an online verification "in a few seconds" when a QR code printed on the degree certificate is scanned. Full post below:
Hi! I wanted to share an official announcement that I’ll be running for President in the upcoming election. Please feel free to share across social media. Thanks!

Why NEM increased? Any reason

Heads up! If you know anyone running for NEM Council, please make sure they Apostille their Candidate Policy Doc before by November 15th 11:59pm UTC. Complete info listed here:
If you have questions to ask Jag about his involvement with ProximaX, he will be taking 3-5 questions on this in the forums.
NEM Partner Highlight: VNX Exchange celebrated signing a new partnership with the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at Le Freeport, Luxembourg. Learn more 👉 #VNXExchange community:
Hi all, Just a heads up that I made a short video that highlights my top 3 strategies for the NEM Foundation and how transparency plays a part in this. 17 I’ll also be sharing additional content this week. Please ask questions in the forum if you have them. I’m hoping to see more feedback from the community regarding elections - especially as we get closer to the elections mid-Dec.

Also just a reminder Laura will be doing an AMA on Reddit tomorrow. This is a great chance to ask her questions regarding elections and her policies.

Hey everyone! I will be doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow, December 1st 10 am BKK time (GMT+7) in the r/NEM subreddit.Come on down and ask me Q’s about the upcoming election for NEM.

Having a number of charity projects that organizations hold today, one most common issue they face is transparency of proceeds where funds are distributed. But this can now be easily resolved, all thanks to #CryptoHero — a #NEM-powered project that will allow people get the privilege to know where their funds go. Learn more👉 CryptoHero: #NEMprojects
Want to know what is this "blockchain notarisation" about? In this almost 20-minute long video I am covering beginnings of blockchain notarisation, after watching it, even non-technical people will know what is it about and will understand better projects like LuxTag (apostille) on NEM.

ive never been able to get delegating to work. i guess im a moron. ive tried to change the settings now and then over the past year or 2. my status is Active but i just never seem to get rewards. is there a site that recommends which delegates actually work?

is there a view in the explorer or the wallet that shows harvesting rewards?

maybe i have been earning them but it sure doesnt look like it

i have both open. if i dont see rewards in the normal transactions list, that means i'm not getting any?

i am just using a random IP address from the list of nodes. there are hundreds. how to i make sure i am picking a credible node?

thanks i will check out nem(dot)tools

its safe to share my Delegated Pvt Key, yes?

i am just using a random IP address from the list of nodes. there are hundreds. how to i make sure i am picking a credible node?

It's not about credibility, they all are. But imagine the node you have pick going down 5 minutes after you picked it. That may be a reason you are not harvesting.

thanks. and what about a "super node" <- just a different / better version of a node?

its safe to share my Delegated Pvt Key, yes?

It can only start/restart your harvesting status. So malicious actor may only disconnect you from harvesting.