the confirmation email from nem-tools seems malformatted so i can't click on "Confirm" 🙁

are there any other sites that provide similar up-time service?

are there any other sites that provide similar up-time service?

they were, most of them in Japanese, let me go back to you on this field

that's the forum topic for few thousand FREE coupons for Devslopes NEM Developer Course
NEM has been included as a founding member of the Verified Token Framework and Blockchain Token Association. After an intro from Solo Energy to one of their STO partners, NEM Ventures, NEM Europe and Tech Bureau have been collaborating behind the scenes on how to adopt the chain agnostic approach to Security Tokens. The devs are targetting v1 of Public Catapult release for this and should make us the first to support the approach natively. It is essentially a base set of functional requirements for compliant STOs and we can build on as needed with further working groups and in collaboration with the BTA.It places NEM alongside some big names in the space and as the first non Eth implementation of the approach. There will be further PR over the coming days but this is the first of it.
Make sure you know who to vote for this coming #NEM Elections 2018! Here's the voting guide👇
NEM in Action: Beatty Secondary School - Work Attachment Program:
NEM FOUNDATION EGM Voting Guide: A step-by-step process on how eligible members can vote in the 2018 #NEM Foundation #EGM (Elections) 👇

As I spend quite some time in Canada I decided that I can be part of NEM North America too 😉
Hey Nembers! The NEM Official Medium Blog is down so please redirect folks over to the NEM website blog instead. Specifically you can now find a copy of the Voting Guide link here: I will have the Candidate Guide up there shortly as well.
I wrote an open letter to our team and community. I've been thinking a lot about this election and hope that after this Friday no matter what, we work collectively together as a community and as a Foundation to move NEM forward.
To people in the California Southland:

yep, he got to most votes of anybody

Quite the legit list of people there, looking forward to working with everybody.

I have met all of them but Dona, but I'm sure she is great.

I have complete faith in this teamand our community to move NEMforward in 2019.

We need from new president about when will be catapult first because is number one

We need catapult deadline date

We need catapult deadline date

Yes, we are working behind-the-scenes on the transition and communication plan. Thanks for your patience. The new Council officially starts Jan 1 but has graciously come together (starting right after the EGM vote last night) and is working hard to address concerns, feedback, and next steps that wil all soon be shared with the community.

Thanks for your patience @dsquared2. It's important the transition between new Council and old Council is addressed now but all signs are looking positive on things to come.

Just read news made by bitcoinnews?

We need dealine for catapult

Also coin is going down a lot

I think community does not like new president

Lot of down drove from yesterday

We need dealine for catapult

The new Council is working through transition plans and we will share more soon. Technically new Council starts Jan 1 but we’ve met twice to get jumpstart on major issues and governance. Also the coin price is not correlated to me being elected. The coin price has always fluctuated mainly based on the market - specifically Bitcoin. Do you follow Willy Woo on Twitter or read his blog? He’s been spot on with market trends and has intimate understanding of NEM. and @woonomic

Hello @everyone!TL;DR, please submit your season’s video greeting for our fellow NF staff and whole NEM community like we did last year 😊Deadline: Dec 18th at 8 am UTC—We are in a season of change. New processes and systems were placed, new people were placed in our various teams, while some people moved on to other places. And as we approach the end of the Foundation’s election, new Foundation leaders will be placed. Change, indeed, is inevitable. As we ponder on this reality of change, we cannot deny the emotions that comes along with change. We are all a witness to this. We hope that this Christmas season, our community will be able to rebuild our spirits that seemed to be somehow scratched by the changes we have faced. In all these, I would like to request you to send a Christmas/season’s video greeting for our fellow NF staff and to the whole NEM Community. This simple gesture is hoped to have a positive impact to the NEM Community as a whole. This is similar to what we had last year!☺️Kindly PM your video greetings to me not later than Dec 18th 8:00 am UTC. I will also ask someone from our team to remind you so you won’t miss✌🏻Thank you,Sharie

Please upload your Christmas greetings video here:

I see that metamask support nem so

Nem metamask trezor great