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thanks also can anyone check why coincheck volume does not appear at


Dear Friends!Christmas is a holiday of bringing happiness to every home, every family. Let your dreams come true, good luck and success will accompany your business!We wish you a Merry Christmas! TEAM NEM RUSSIA 🇷🇺

Season’s greetings from #NEM! Watch till the end!🎄🎁 https://youtu.be/0bwHcKZBe30

Great happy new year

Hi, Any single lady around?

Happy New Year in advance everyone

NEM Ukraine 🇺🇦@NEMUkraineOfficial 2018 Summary. Kudos to the team! 🎉https://link.medium.com/rVSOMivd4S

Happy new year we need catapult out

Thank you all for your support and for watching my videos 😊 Have a great 2019!https://youtu.be/D79DLtHh9IE

When you members start work official??


Still no something good from new council

Still no something good from new council

We are four days into the year. We have given a few updates on progress and will continue to share more. Have patience.

hello all where can i find stats on nem super nodes like the ROI? also any hosting services to spin up a node from?

I will wait roadmap for catapult

also need to add NEM at new exchange like KRAKEN BITFINEX

also why value of COINCHECK does not appear at total NEM value at

Any news? Hello

also why value of COINCHECK does not appear at total NEM value at