Catapult is finally opening up?

They released their roadmap. Public mainnet launch is scheduled for end of Q3 or early Q4 this year.

🎵 Is it me you’re looking for? 🎵

Sorry. Compulsory Lionel Richie reference. What’s up?

NEM Foundation Update: NEM Service Provider Program: Bonfire Portal Launched!

Hiya, i've been attempting to import a WLT file that worked previous versions back into the nanowallet

And it's 100% not doing anything.

I still have a computer with 1.4 or some shit that works perfectly and its still added, but it's 100% not working when attempting to imort on current version

i might not be on in the next hour so if you have any advice and it's been a few hours feel free to drop off your advice in message and i can link up with you tomorrow or tonight if im still around

This is frustrating, i made a dummy wallet just to get it to work and then uploaded it with no issue. i guess I can get on my old computer, send it to my new wallet, but if anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful because this is a bit stupid.

Cool to see NEM show up on a list like this:

Those are indeed very good use cases for blockchain in general, and NEM in particular.

You guys should make some enterprise-application hay with that report.

Great! Found the source here -

Oh, I guess it's free to register apparently.

What happen to Price

Vincent Price, actor of radio, film, and stage, sadly passed on in 1993.

Hi everyone, the May update is out for your reading pleasure.

I saw that XEM got added to Exodus wallet. Good stuff.

Catapult update around Namespaces and Mosaics

I thought it turned out well. Both Lark and Alex appeared relaxed. Convo was down to earth. Alex was enthusiastic without sounding pushy or sales-like.Good job!

Hi Everyone, please find below the link to the AMA from Alexandra Tinsman filmed yesterday. We apologize for the delay in release.